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I have finished my exams. I am currently eating too many bananas and drinking too much coffee.

I know that I am drinking too much coffee because of two things I did in my exam this morning.

The first was to say 'Economists who believe in the accuracy of models should give up now and teach high school physics or write Science Fiction. For one of the few examples of models working read Isaac Asimov's Foundation books."

The second was to explain strange attractors in complex market systems using a line drawing of two houses separated by a hill with a car on it.

Either it'll be marked by a man with a sense of humour. Or not.

Now 4 days off before London.

Mmm. Sleep. Better than Seabound or Malcolm Gladwell.

Anyone still reading this shit?

Oh, and having lost my N95 I am now debating between an iPhone and an E75. The N97 has been written off as too much. If only O2's tethering plan wasn't absolutely dreadful the decision would be easy. My current dumbphone has no numbers or email and it hurts.

If you'd like me to have your phone number or help with my address book please fill in :

[Poll #1421070]
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