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SITD, Corporation, Sheffield, 21st October 2007

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Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham, 17th October 2007

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Carnival of Souls, Derby, 14th October 2007

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Angelspit, Corporation, Sheffield, 7th October 2007

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Crash Repeat, Rooty Fruity, Birmingham, 5th October 2007

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Nine Inch Nails, Academy, Birmingham, 28th August 2007

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I think this might actually be me up to date with gigs...

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My ears are still recovering from Iron Maiden yesterday. No photos (or indeed photographers allowed as far as I could tell) but there was a giant Eddie in a tank...
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Friday night was The Levellers. Wow. It was like being 19 again. Although I've seen them doing a "seated acoustic gig" in the last couple of years I've not seen a full show since 1993 in Portsmouth - actually might have been the second gig I ever went to (first was Fat Bob on the Cure's Wish tour). Looking at the Lev's discography they've been releasing steadily since they got together, but the gig concentrated on the catchy tunes - there was a lot of Levellers and Levelling the Land. But they pulled it off without sounding like a "Shit, we've run out of money! Best tour again!" gig.

Which reminds me, I must sort out if I'm going to try and do NMA next Sunday in London (after doing Batfink on Saturday).

Saturday I managed a little cycle without falling off and eventually headed into town for not-Goth Shite. Despite a slow start I had a jolly good night - though after getting a little tipsy I feel I must apologise to a number of people... [ profile] nearly_everyone was out, there was a little dancing, a little bitching, a little conversation and some other things I don't quite know how to describe.

My alcohol tolerance must be at rock bottom though, I had ~at most~ two glasses of wine and a White Russian and felt like I'd had two or three times that. Oh well... maybe I'm getting old.

Sunday I managed to rouse myself and get into Birmingham for the local Flickrmeet. It was alas a little bit of a washout - but five of us headed to BMAG for a wander around. There was some excellent modern Islamic art by Mohsen Keiany (website is but does not do the work justice), an impressive bronze Lucifer and I caught myself actually liking some of the Pre-Raphaelite draft sketches. Most surprising - I suspect it's partly the influence of artw*nk and my newfound appreciation for the narrative of creating art. The etchings room wasn't as good as it was last time though, so I lasted about an hour before heading off to Tescos. I declined to shoot after reading the photography agreement. Draconian is an understatement so I have sent some emails offering to help rewrite already!

Torchwood yesterday was ok - a slow burn like Galactica last week. This week's BSG was not so good - a bit SFX heavy I felt; but [ profile] mr_cook (damn him!) has gotten me addicted to Heroes.

Some pictures of Rotersand and The Levellers to come...

I'm also still not sleeping very well. Too many dreams.


Dec. 5th, 2006 11:59 am
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My Blag-fu is weak. I have failed to get a photopass for Iron Maiden - but should be at least getting a ticket so [ profile] quondam will be able to prove to me (or not) that they're worth seeing live.

Also, if anyone wants to come and see The Levellers with me on Friday I have a +1 for a reviewer.
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The week before (I think) the club went up in smoke...

Enjoyment ratings, in order of photos.
  • Much better than I remember. Quite fun. Oh god, I'm turning into a goth.
  • Not really my thing.
  • Good solid show.
  • My ears! My ears!
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I had an interesting experience when doing a presentation today - I did 45 minutes on Web 2.0 to an audience of librarians and demonstrated (amongst other things) Flickr and Frappr. For Frappr I used the example of the New Model Army Frappr.

After I'd finished one of the audience asked me "Have you been to Whitby recently?" "Erm, yes" I replied. "Ah" she said "I know who you are". It turns out she'd seen my photos of BM&AG on Flickr during one of her explorations and followed this back to my website and the mention of NMA had reminded her.

So - if you're reading this Rachel - "Hello! Love the ink!" :-P

Paul Simon

Nov. 9th, 2006 05:54 pm
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Does anyone want to see Paul Simon on Saturday night in return for 500-700 words? I could do with a reviewer though I appreciate it's not most of the people here's taste.

Personally I want to go to get some pictures for my Dad's Christmas present :-)
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Over the last couple of weeks I've taken to paying attention to TV a little - I use the term very carefully as I listen to TV in the background a lot - just don't always watch it. Anyway - the new season has brought, through the power of the internet, Battlestar Galactica and Lost. BSG is an interesting beast - it continues to heap scorn on American foreign policy from orbit which is always entertaining. It's a little crass and heavy-handed in places - but is compulsive viewing. Even if they did blow the entire series SFX budget in the first few episodes. The main characteristic of the series to date has been the lack of sacred cows and the speed of change of direction. I just hope the enthusiasm of the network doesn't run out before the story does. Lost has also been engaging - though the flashbacks are starting to feel more and more contrived. I'm "getting" it a lot more which I suspect means that it's been dumbed down - and again I worry about the longevity of the concept. I can't help feeling it'll struggle to make five seasons.

Pitch Black was on Film Four last night and was diverting enough, more so if you enjoy Vin Diesel. Its quite budget origins were a little obvious in places but it passed a unchallenging couple of hours. In a fit of televisual ecstasy I also watched Death of a President which, while being terribly right-on and came across as trying too hard, did manage to hold my interest for its duration. Research on wikipedia (so it must be trueTM) showed the pedigree of the production team in doing speculative mockumentaries. Nice work if you can get it!

For some reason, I suspect [ profile] miss_soap's Q&A, I was reminded of seeing a badger the other weekend - running along the road away from me. From the speed it made it would have been more at home in the M6 roadworks than on a quiet road in the dead of night. Still, I was glad I was in a car and not going nose-to-nose with it.

This weekend I shall be hearing a lot of music and hopefully remembering to repair my earplugs first. Friday is Mechanical Cabaret, Zeitgeist Zero, Tin Omen and ACID Tongue in Birmingham. Saturday probably Kryogenix in Nottingham then the M1 to Black Celebration for more XPQ-21 action. Plus some other bands on my friendslist :-P

Business continues to develop at a geological rate, but following the example of [ profile] velvet_the_cat and having been annoyed by having to deal with a cheque - I'm now registered for online payments. Go me, etc. Now I can look forward with more interest to an expanded tax return next year.

Finally avid readers will remember my entry a couple of weeks ago about "control of distribution of photos" - well last night I was cruising MySpack and discovered the artist in question was using some of my pics - obviously ones he liked - on his page. A few positive comments reinforced my ego and then I found more on unter null's page and entry. Indeed if you are registered on do go to the Panzer AG page and vote for my picture! Fame at the moment stretches to Combichrist and unter null on; and Panzer AG, Tin Omen, Voltaire and the (contentious) Dream Disciples on wikipedia. So that's not very far! Spread the work!
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Mmmm dinner. If you're ever in Birmingham and need vegetarian food in a hurry - don't try Sibila's close to the canals. However, if you aren't in a rush then I can thoroughly recommend it. Yum.

Looking backwards, today was another tedious episode in my attempts to save the public purse money in the face of exteme and unwarranted cynicism so I shall gloss swiftly over that and go back further to the weekend.

Sunday was [ profile] ruana1's birthday lunch - though in a break with tradition where the "guest of honour" stays longest she actually ran off quite early; a more positive outlook on life and the not-to-my-taste Lacuna Coil which I've touched on before. The reason I can say Sunday was more positive was that I was in a really foul mood Friday evening and Saturday day - and not only due to Robin Hood. [ profile] mr_cook did a fine evening meal (I notice a food trend in this post already) but I was really not feeling sociable and was jolly tired which led to sensible people staying well out of my way. An evening in with a book rather than at Kryogenix, followed by sleep did a great deal for me.

The other notable event on Sunday was my demonstration to [ profile] quondam of the importance of knowing how to use a bicycle pump before setting out on a ride. We'd done around 9 miles or so of an eventual nearly-12 when I noticed my rear tyre was looking a little flat. I stopped, checked it, realised it was probably looking compressed because of my lardy nature but, at her suggestion, borrowed her pump to just top it up to see if there was any noticeable difference.

"Do you know how to use this?" says I

"Nope." says she

"How hard can it be?" I ask myself...

Needless to say within a few short seconds I had completely deflated the tyre and was now standing at the meeting of Edgbaston/Smethwick/Winson Green in the dark with only one tyre. What seemed like an hour later of trying to reinflate the bloody thing [ profile] quondam set off home to get a car; a cycle rack and an old fashioned pump that I knew how to operate.

It was plain sailing from then, but I'm not totally sure about cycling-shorts-with-built-in-sanitary-protection for your average man on a bike.

Bed now. More exciting updates soon, but not tomorrow probably as I have a "public facing" day manning a conference strand which is bound to get my blood boiling.
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This last week has been a veritable musical adventure - from installation to emo via ebm and noize. Oh yes - and some snuffling - but that's not very musical at all.

Neither [ profile] kantti or I knew quite what to expect from the Laibach premiere/exhibition last Friday. but we set off with an open mind and vague incredulity that such a thing could happen in sunny Birmingham when the rest of the world was an option. It was interesting enough though the art installation is quite small - it was an intriguing hour of industrial noise. By that I mean Neubauten-style "proper" noise, not "noize" that makes your ears bleed and I didn't even need my earplugs. In matters of art I tend to trust my nose - I tend to sneeze when exposed to pretentious artw*nk. Friday I did sneeze, but not a lot and I did have a cold. So the jury is still out.

After the Laibach install there was a bit of drum'n'bass and appearances by [ profile] smittumi and [ profile] philoko. The first act was four drummers and 2 bassists as far as I could see. The first 5 minutes were ok, but they actually seemed to play identical repeating cycles of the same "music" for about 45 minutes by which time I was bored enough. We hung around a bit to watch photographers try and make any sense of it, then gave up and went home to sneeze.

Saturday night was Kryogenix in Nottingham which was ok, but a underattended and the sound was pretty terrible. [ profile] skinfitz did an admirable job attempting to wiggle some cables into co-operating (as far as I could tell) but with only limited success. Still, [ profile] berrega seemed to have his chin up.

Sunday was a lazy day, Chinese food and then as I settled down with my backlog - my PC crashed. I spent much of the week trying to recover from this which wasn't helped by the fact I've lost my XP Professional CD and my XP Home CD seems to have been crushed in its box and is now in a number of pieces.

The rest of the week has been some badminton, some mixed music at the Barfly on Wednesday and a functional if unexciting curry last night for [ profile] stelmaria_clg's birthday and I seem to have been persuaded by a charity call to start a direct debit to Sustrans. The Barfly extravaganza, Gym Class Heroes + Fleeing From Finales + The Mid-L-Men was, in order, "Not bad, but seen it done better", "Like a college band with a record deal" and "Oh dear. Even if you do sing about the Lickey Hills you are not black and cannot rap".

Still, exposure to new things is important right? Photos soon no doubt.

Some final work to do then off to Maelstrom which may be interesting.

Oh, if anyone is interested - my ebay purchases turned up. But being worried about fraud I noticed that the serial numbers on both cards and both CD software registration details were identical so I phoned the manufacturer's technical support. They confirmed they are counterfeit goods - so now I get to explore the delights of the PayPal and ebay dispute resolution systems. More soon no doubt...
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I just had a press release in the email that talked about "the bohemian Moseley Village in Birmingham". Perhaps they're talking about Birmingham, AL.


Aug. 31st, 2006 12:13 pm
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It's Thursday, so it's time for me to commit to memory what happened last weekend before I forget - or at least am imprisoned for possessing a collection of violent pr0n.

Last weekend was of course Infest 2006. This is certainly the highlight of my non-skiing year as it's a chance to hear some good tunes; meet some nice people and try my best to forget I'm in Bradford. Some of those who were there will have seen my taster pics on [ profile] infest_uk, but I'll paste them beneath the cut. To start with [ profile] nearly_everyone was present - and own personal definition of that now includes [ profile] asw909 and [ profile] crm who seem to be lovely people.

On Thursday I decided to subject my ears to a rather terrible mainstream noise with a visit to the Barfly to see Bedouin Soundclash, Beat Union and ZOX. It was a bit unimpressive to be honest, but got me out of the house and the car survived a visit to Digbeth without getting trashed. Anyway, thoughts and pictures are on the BBC site at

Friday was panic packing, cooking for five and then utter amasement that we all got into [ profile] mr_cook's car for the ride up to Bradford. Amusement followed at the "Bradford Tourist Attractions" sign, but soon enough we were in the welcoming bosom of the Hilton; then out again in search of douf-douf-douf. Friday was Schmoof (amusing enough, pretty enough but not especially engaging); Destroid (better, more interesting but still not groundshaking) and Lab 4 (held my attention a bit but I'd never claim they were my thing). Saturday seemed incredibly long, partly due to a lack of sleep on Friday night and after a slow wake experience I dropped my contribution to the Dark Arts stall at the venue; then had lunch; then a quick change - and some more bands: O.V.N.I. (bored me mostly); S.K.E.T. (really worked for me despite being dreadful to photograph); Reaper (almost total lack of stage presence but I liked the music); unter null (good but I preferred them recorded); Architect (didn't grab me but I'd be interested in hearing more) and Rotersand (slick, professional and enjoyable). Sunday was much better on the getting up and out front, but this actually meant lunch took longer rather than being more efficient in getting to the venue. Bands were Autoclav1.1 (who I liked, despite not expecting to); Frozen Plasma (too soft, too poppy, too dull); Stromkern (ohmygodtheyweregreat), Wai Pi Wai (impressive) and Front Line Assembly (good, but not great).

There was of course further entertainment in the form of lovely company and conversation; and I even sold some prints - £60 of the £280 Dark Arts total was mine which pleased me - even if I did ended up spending all of it on a couple of drinks, petrol, lunch on the M1 coming home and the charity tin. Oh well - easy come, easy go.

So, roll on next year - even if the lighting is normally a bit crap and I once again failed to take many people shots. I only hope the company will be as good next time. Next festival will be Whitby in October, but plans are already starting for WGT next year.

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Aug. 29th, 2006 12:57 pm
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This is one of the last things I expected to see happen in Birmingham. Anyone interested?


Return of The Repressive (RoTr)
Friday 1st September
@ Medicine Bar. Custard Factory. Birmingham

8pm - 9pm UK Premiere for Laibach exhibition, with a live sound installation in the gallery
9pm-3am followed by live performances in the Medicine Bar:
Shit and Shine (4 drummer action, members of Todd)
Schloss Tegal

This large-scale sound and visual installation recreates the industrial ambience of Trbovlje, the Slovene city which gave birth to Laibach 26 years ago.

Friday September 1st.
At there will be a live premiere (sound installation) of the "Laibach Concerto for Magnetophone, Gramophone, Radiophone and Megaphone". The inhibition will be open daily in the gallery from 11-6 until the 6th September.

9.30pm to 3am. The Laibach opening will be followed by an evening of DJ's and live acts, including a specially commissioned audiovisual set by Birmingham techno pioneer Surgeon, a set from Industrial Pioneers Schloss Tegal, a live set from Shit and Shine and a dark D&B set from PCM. This will take place in the Medicine Bar at the Custard Factory.

For further info check out:

#10 Advanced tickets from Swordfish
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I like to try and be a man of realistic expectations. Hence after hearing Apop's most recent album I wasn't expecting to particularly enjoy the gig or the music. Couple this with a pretty crappy venue and it would have been counted a victory on points if the ceiling hadn't fallen in or I hadn't got run over by a bus.

Imagine my surprise then when I actually enjoyed the gig - and it was all down to the band having a good old-fashioned fun time of it. The rather mediocre sound system did us all proud and despite the expected mediocre attendance there was a lot of bouncing and a lot of happy faces.

Photos )
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Earlier this week I had a jolly good time seeing Apoptygma Berzerk at Edwards in Birmingham, which actually nearly restored my faith in the place, even if it did make me wonder how terrible the attendance was considering the size of the city. A couple of weeks ago I had a rather poorer experience seeing Covenant plus friends who brought a less-inspiring, worse-sounding gig to the same venue. Plus the lights were terrible.

That said, it's probably a little unfair expecting too much from artists when they don't have a lot of infrastucture to work with and a reasonably healthy but hardly packed-out crowd. Don't get me wrong though, I'd rather travel 1.5 miles to a gig rather than 1.5 hours to London or Sheffield.

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When I was a student you could pretty much guarantee that ever weekend I'd be playing LRP linears; every day I'd be socialising at the university Student's Union and every evening I'd be eating junk food and chewing the fat with the same people. Eventually my LRP drifted into other places and my enthusiasm for badly written, badly costumed cross country pantomime ran low.

So, perhaps ten years on I surprise myself with a small but growing amount of enthusiasm to spend one of my few free weekends, rather than processing photographs, running around the woods in search of my youth. I promised myself that I'd go if it was sunny and probably leave it if it was raining. Of course, it was sunny when I left the house and tipping down with rain by the time I got to the Lickey Hills.

Change is a funny thing and I was most intrigued looking around at the others who turned up and performing mental comparisons about how our lives have gone. Most of us were less fit, most of us had less hair but most importantly I think we'd pretty much all grown up. What was once a hobby based on bitching and infighting was now a lot more relaxed and instead about "some people" having "some fun". This was a double-edged change. It meant there was a lot less passion for me as I didn't "care" particularly about the experience as a whole; but on the other hand it meant that I took it all in my stride and saved my blood pressure a few points.

There's no doubting I can blame me going on NWO - I was left with a cancer of enthusiasm growing at the core of my being. Trap was simply the most convinient way of dealing with it. My expectations were pretty low but it was better than I feared - so I can't complain. Still the next time I LRP for all I'd prefer a better looking game, a more engaging game and just a bit more substance - I can't fault the good-nature and heart.

Now, what else haven't I done for 10 years...

Kudos to [ profile] rinkyandmerlin for cat-herding.
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Include just having been into Birmingham to Edwards. Dear oh dear. Rather a waste of time with a complete lack of atmosphere and music to dance to.


Apr. 11th, 2006 07:07 am
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It's classic rawk hour on Kerrang - I only turned it on to catch up with what the kids are listening to these days and get subjected to Def Leppard and antique Chilli Peppers.

Anyway, an action packed weekend has been mostly survived and without a huge backlog, but as I've done plenty of things since I last properly updated I should probably get on with it in order to appear interesting and most importantly whore for comments. Maybe [ profile] pax_draconis is right that "Hurst Street couldn't cope with my sarcasm" - hang on, it was something else about being down.

Last week was a lifetime ago. The only things I can really remember now is rejoicing in my own clumsiness and watching Mirrormask. The latter was quite enjoyable. The former offered less immediate gratification so but probably better for my immortal soul.

Friday was Scarlet at HQ. I've thought, even if I haven't said before, how little time I have for dress-up clubs that claim to be fetish. I know by dictionary definitions they are technically correct, but so probably is the local meeting of the trainspotters. It was all a bit false, a bit mainstream and I had an unhappy argument that can't possibly be the cause for any of my negative feelings. While I'm talking about failures I'll go on about my photos from the night and how I remained terrible about asking people to let me shoot them and how dreadfully mediocre the results are. Still, the only way is up and all that, every cloud has a silver lining.

On Saturday I failed to do any work. Instead I processed the photos from the night before and failed to decide on a 20s outfit for the evening's burlesque. Apparently this might be the last but one (and the last I can make because of NWO) which is a shame as while the acts are generally a mixed bag (being polite) I'm all for people having a go. I ended up again in Edwards afterwards and danced to the same three electro songs they normally play and watched a video of Depeche Mode in 1993 looking far younger than the week before.

What was most interesting was the company of a nice young lady called Amber who had emailled me and said "Can I come and assist on one of your shoots?". Of course I agreed, but did warn her that as a photography graduate she knew more than I did. Still, she seemed to enjoy it well enough and ended up coming to Edwards with us. It was at that point I really started feeling sorry for her.

Then, on Sunday came the perfect way to end a mediocre weekend - Placebo. I know a few songs but I'm a long way from being a fan and to be honest they left me wanting my bed more than wanting an encore. I've seen a lot of bands and a lot of gigs (apparently I've photographed 179 unique bands over 197 total performances at 41 venues - not sure how many actual gigs that is - but you get the idea) and they were one of the least energetic, least engaged and laziest.

Fortunately the weekend was better as a total expereince than the sum of its parts.

Other than that - I've done some work, I've watched some Lost (which I'm still quite enjoying) and the finale of BSG:S2 which might have involved shark jumping a little too much. I'm kinda worried about S3 - but we shall see in good time no doubt. Lost is still excitingly going almost nowhere.

As part of my "reinvent self as 12-year old emo" I've started a MySpace. This is terribly exciting especially as it's apparently the forefront of the introduction of social networking and blogging to the unwashed UK tabloid masses..

The Sun rises on myspace

The Sun tabloid of London plans to tie its website to, hoping to capitalize on the popularity of the networking site with a "MySun" online readers' community. Readers will be able to create web pages and blogs and share video and photos using software on a MySun portal. The (U.K.) Guardian quotes Sun and News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch on the subject:

"This is a generation, now popularly referred to as the 'myspace generation', talking to itself in a world without frontiers," he said.

"It is just one example of how the media, with its ability to reach millions with information, entertainment and education can use the achievements of technology to create better and more interesting lives for a great many people.

"And it is one reason why I believe we are at the dawn of a golden age of information - an empire of new knowledge.

Terrifying eh.

And now, Patrick Stewart is advertising Argos.

Post about skiing soon. I was going to put it here but I suspect I've got under three readers left. Same goes for all the photos mentioned above.

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