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Another entry? I must be home-early-from-work-for-governors-meeting.

After going for a run the other week my knees were giving me trouble so I took a week off from exercise. Last night, after I promised to return [ profile] berrega's spare key, I went out for a short cycle. A slight wrong turn on the way home turned it from about 10 miles to about 13, but this was good fun - until the point I had a RTA.

It wasn't much of an RTA - but some dumb woman decided to push her bicycle across a pedestrian crossing as I was shooting down it at about 25mph (with lights and paying attention having just successfully overtaken a skip). I screamed, she pulled back, I clipped her bike with my pedals. Much swearing later I have a bruise on my inner thigh from my saddle but am otherwise unharmed; and the other party skulked off after assuring me she was ok.

I'm just glad I managed to escape the pedals rather than fall over in the middle of the street with the bicycle attached.

Bloody cyclists.
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Back from Wales and now dry. Phone LCD is dead so email is better this week for me. I'll be swapping the SIM in and out of my work phone to stay in touch.

And if you were the person who texted/called me earlier today - sorry - can't access it.

Mountain biking is great fun. Even when attempting to ford a swollen river results in 2 metres of cycling and 20 metres of wading.
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Friday night was The Levellers. Wow. It was like being 19 again. Although I've seen them doing a "seated acoustic gig" in the last couple of years I've not seen a full show since 1993 in Portsmouth - actually might have been the second gig I ever went to (first was Fat Bob on the Cure's Wish tour). Looking at the Lev's discography they've been releasing steadily since they got together, but the gig concentrated on the catchy tunes - there was a lot of Levellers and Levelling the Land. But they pulled it off without sounding like a "Shit, we've run out of money! Best tour again!" gig.

Which reminds me, I must sort out if I'm going to try and do NMA next Sunday in London (after doing Batfink on Saturday).

Saturday I managed a little cycle without falling off and eventually headed into town for not-Goth Shite. Despite a slow start I had a jolly good night - though after getting a little tipsy I feel I must apologise to a number of people... [ profile] nearly_everyone was out, there was a little dancing, a little bitching, a little conversation and some other things I don't quite know how to describe.

My alcohol tolerance must be at rock bottom though, I had ~at most~ two glasses of wine and a White Russian and felt like I'd had two or three times that. Oh well... maybe I'm getting old.

Sunday I managed to rouse myself and get into Birmingham for the local Flickrmeet. It was alas a little bit of a washout - but five of us headed to BMAG for a wander around. There was some excellent modern Islamic art by Mohsen Keiany (website is but does not do the work justice), an impressive bronze Lucifer and I caught myself actually liking some of the Pre-Raphaelite draft sketches. Most surprising - I suspect it's partly the influence of artw*nk and my newfound appreciation for the narrative of creating art. The etchings room wasn't as good as it was last time though, so I lasted about an hour before heading off to Tescos. I declined to shoot after reading the photography agreement. Draconian is an understatement so I have sent some emails offering to help rewrite already!

Torchwood yesterday was ok - a slow burn like Galactica last week. This week's BSG was not so good - a bit SFX heavy I felt; but [ profile] mr_cook (damn him!) has gotten me addicted to Heroes.

Some pictures of Rotersand and The Levellers to come...

I'm also still not sleeping very well. Too many dreams.
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I've just been back to the Nurse concerning the hole in my leg. The nice lady (who remembered me) gave me some free bandages, a sheet of silver for the wound and a prescription for antibiotics. She cheerfully informed me that there are likely to be stomach-related side-effects. So of course I Wikipediad the drug and was informed:

Common adverse drug reactions (ADRs) associated with the use of flucloxacillin include: diarrhoea, nausea, rash, urticaria, pain and inflammation at injection site, superinfection (including candidiasis), allergy, and transient increases in liver enzymes and bilirubin.

Something to look forward to over the next few days then!


Nov. 24th, 2006 04:10 pm
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It's good for you health you know. Perfect form of carbon-friendly transport. My employer even (apparently) offers a cycle mileage rate.

Except today when I got to my meeting I couldn't shake hands because my right palm was covered in blood.

I was cycling merrily across campus, it was a little wet but I was enjoying getting another set of clothes covered in mud after yesterday's experiences - and then what I thought was a small puddle turned out to be a pothole. In went the front wheel... where it stopped. Unfortunately it didn't communicate it's change in velocity to the frame, the rider or the back wheel.

So over I went, careering forward on my shins and hands, leaving blood and skin in my wake.

Fortunately the NHS wasn't needed this time and the nice man at the Train station let me wash up and gave me some tissue...

Still - Slimelight confirmed for tomorrow. I wonder if they've put in any lights since I shot SBA et all there in 2004?


Nov. 24th, 2006 09:05 am
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As one more weekend looms - another fades into memory. There's not actually very much to report from last weekend - which in itself was lovely as that was the point. There was much nice food; much relaxing and much reading.

My books of choice were Christopher Priest's The Glamour and The Prestige. I'm told the plot of the movie version of the latter is slightly different to the book - but I'd recommend the books - interesting, thoughtful reads - with a sense of the unknown and psychological that reminds me of playing Cthulhu with [ profile] pax_draconis et al.

Erm, that was about it really.

In other news, gallery opening yesterday (a bit flat but I at least got to argue with the printers) after a dash across the Midlands by cycle and train (which I get to do again in a minute). I am back on my bike though - which is good and means I will at least manage 10 minutes of skiing before I run out of fitness at Christmas. Still, the useful lesson I learned was:

If the shortest route looks like a canal path; and it has been raining - you will get to the meeting literally covered in mud.

I've never been so muddy at a meeting before - though I think I wiped most of it off my face. Today I shall stick to the roads.
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Ah - there's nothing like listening to a speech by a MP who clearly has no idea why he's here...

Anyway - curry last night was lovely - thanks to all those who came - plus those who left kind messages on LJ; and was followed by rescuing my bike from its temporary home. Now all I need to do is readjust the brakes. Hopefully after learning how to readjust brakes...

Wednesday I went to see Muse at the NEC, who were pretty much as expected. I quite like them recorded - where you can make out the individual instruments - but live any precision and clarity is sacrificed at the altar of LOUD ROCK NOISE - which I think's a shame. Review and photos might make it to the BBC at some point - and I might post some here when I've been through them.

There are two real reasons why I'm here - firstly to make a point of attending a conference where the content has no interest at all; and secondly to spy for my mother on how my little brother is doing. He's so far failed to get a proper job, so we each take turns into badgering him into giving up his dreams and getting a 9-5 office job. Not, I must add, very enthusiastically in my case as I'm a great believer in living your dreams - especially if you're a kept man by your TV presenter girlfriend.

I note with some amusement that the WGW Earlybird tickets have sold out. Unsurprising as I suspect there were only about a dozen... I suspect I'll go, to see people - I'll probably buy a ticket anyway as I shouldn't moan...

I've also been hitting a number of brick walls over photography. I've tried talking to bands about selling prints - but don't get replies; I get emails asking for retrospective control of images - which isn't wrong in principle but could be seen as a little naive. But yesterday I had an IM conversation with an artist who is being proactive - and had the conversation about how copyright and control works in photography before the case rather than after it. Whether they try or are able to use this - remains to be seen. If/when I reach some conclusions on this then I'll probably have a longer rant. Not right now though.
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The last week has been one of horror - there was the horror of The Fog (Monday night) the horror of The Movies (over the last couple of weeks), the horror of The House (Sunday), the horror of Old Age (Saturday night) and the horror of the The Inquisition (on Friday).

I am still in pain. Not a large amount of pain, but pain nonetheless. On Monday, as I reported earlier in the week I managed to cycle into a small, unlit, unmarked skip in the fog. Fortunately not actually into it - as that would have been a matter for undertakers rather than A&E, but I threw myself and my bicycle out of the way and just managed to crush my knee (between the skip and the frame) and impale myself - probably on my pedals.

So, after this moment of adrenaline fuelled excitement I paused briefly to roll around on the floor and see what human nature is like in this day and age. Pleasantly I was surprised when a passing car stopped to see the fuss I was making - before getting back on my bike and cycling to [ profile] pax_draconis/[ profile] averylaterabbit's den of iniquity where I demanded petit pois for my rapidly swelling knee. Actually I demanded frozen peas, but being sophisticated they didn't have peas.

As I was slowly going into shock, they noticed how I was leaking and insisted on taking me to casualty where I met the archetypal "disinterested nurse" and "young cute blonde doctor". They x-rayed me as they couldn't see the bottom of my cut, shot me full of tetanus (~£800 I'm told) and then sat me down to stitch me up. Some people may be under the impression that the "legal high" I mentioned was drugs - but actually it was just my reaction to feeling someone squirt a jet of water into my leg then stitch it up "One should do it... no, maybe two.. oh look - I've fitted three in!". At this point she said "Are you ok - you look a bit ashen?" as I was contemplating whether to puke over her or not. Fortunately she finished before I could make my mind up. The "Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine" she was carrying around made me feel full of confidence in escaping alive too...

The stitched wound, despite being a little messy, is actually doing reasonably well - but the side of my knee is now mostly yellow and black. This makes such mundane things as "walking" and "climbing stairs" particularly painful.

In the last couple of weeks I've seen a number of horror films. This is rather odd as I actually don't like them - but Saw & Saw II have been viewed; then Dog Soldiers was on TV last night. All three were pretty smart, clever, not focussed on delivering content through SFX and, well, just a good diversion. Lost this week I liked, BSG from last night I'm a little more ambivalent about.

Last night, rather than go and be burnt at the stake in Edwards I risked, with [ profile] _tonylee_ going to Paul Simon. I say "risk" because the PR didn't confirm as they had promised. Fortunately I managed to get in with no problems and then with the combined power of our blagging smiles a ticket for Tony appeared soon after. Gig wise - he enjoyed it and wrote a cracking review. I thought it was dreadful saga-entertainment but I'm always biased when the shoot is a crap one. In this case because it was three songs shooting from the mixer, 6000 people away from the stage. So I have loads and loads of the same slightly shaky shot. Bah!

Yesterday day was artw*nk. About IPR, property and whether you can sell photos taken at gigs. Actually the last bit is a lie but I'm still trying to find a lawyer and might have made contact with someone - hopefully. In the meantime - recommendations for cheap/free lawyers always welcome.

Friday evening was "The Call of Junkfood". Mmmm. Roleplaying at its best. No one has been beaten to death with a baseball bat and only 2 SAN lost. Hardly even worth mentioning. Friday morning was my job interview. Despite being 45 minutes early (a first for me) thanks to leaving the house at 7am, I managed to stay reasonably awake and think I did ok. But we shall see. Most interesting wasn't the interview but the results of the personality test.

Apparently I managed to be relatively consistent over it, and scored mostly 5s (average between "wallflower and psychopath") but had a few highs and lows. They couldn't let me take the results away - so instead gave me a paper and pencil so I could copy them down instead. So, for your entertainment - some of my extremes below:

  • Outspoken 10/10
  • Caring 2/10
  • Data-rational 9/10
  • Evaluative 10/10
  • Conventional 3/10
  • Innovative 7/10
  • Worrying 2/10
  • Optimistic 3/10
  • Competitive 4/10
  • Achieving 7/10
And Sunday? I've been tidying the house, giving old clothes to the rats and putting all my jumpers together so they can talk to each other. I'll never find anything again...


Nov. 7th, 2006 08:19 am
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Last night instead of playing Badminton I spent it in A&E after having an Road Traffic Accident with a skip (whilst on my bicycle). If I get time to write it up in full gory details I will later - but in the meantime all I can say is "I love the NHS - the best legal floaty feeling I've ever had". Plus I have a new hole in my leg.

I'm such a brave soldier.

[ profile] skinfitz - could do with an instant messenger chat if you get a chance at some point later to help with some bridge building. Details should be on my profile page.

Now to hobble to work.
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Off to Whitby later, where I will stay for a variable amount of time based on how much I enjoy myself. At the moment I'm tempted to come home on Sunday as the 80s night would be more out of habit than enjoyment - but I might feel better when I get there!

Last weekend was reasonably relaxed. Friday night hanging around with some friends; Saturday 9-10 miles on the bicycle without letting my tyres down by mistake followed by cinema and clubbing; Sunday spent relaxing even more and having another crack at the spare room. Monday and Tuesday were spent shopping for shoes and being annoyed by HEIs; Wednesday and Today will mostly be about work.

On Saturday I saw A Scanner Darkly which was ok. It took a while to really get going and I suspect I had a better time with it than [ profile] fishthecat as I'd read the book. Still, technically it was interesting even if it goes some way to demonstrate why Blade Runner is a better film for not being a faithful adaptation of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Not quite wanting to go home I had a quick nose around their exhibitions and convinced myself I should fill in the paperwork to display some of my own stuff there; but there was some brilliant stuff to see - like a couple of examples from the Roadkill Family Album (not as bad as it sounds and well worth a look!

Then it was back to the cinema for The Children of Men. Clive Owen reflected perfectly a dull wooden dystopian future and it was, when all is said and done, a relatively enjoyable romp. Michael Caine was terribly grating though - with his characterisation mostly limited to saying "amigo" at the end of every sentence.

Curry on Sunday was lovely - though vegetarian restaurants, in this case Jyoti in Sparkbrook, still slightly confuse me by having a decent amount of choice - but of all the things in the world to complain of...

Now I must get on with things, but to have one less band in the backlog - here's the full set of pics from Lacuna Coil the other week.

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Mmmm dinner. If you're ever in Birmingham and need vegetarian food in a hurry - don't try Sibila's close to the canals. However, if you aren't in a rush then I can thoroughly recommend it. Yum.

Looking backwards, today was another tedious episode in my attempts to save the public purse money in the face of exteme and unwarranted cynicism so I shall gloss swiftly over that and go back further to the weekend.

Sunday was [ profile] ruana1's birthday lunch - though in a break with tradition where the "guest of honour" stays longest she actually ran off quite early; a more positive outlook on life and the not-to-my-taste Lacuna Coil which I've touched on before. The reason I can say Sunday was more positive was that I was in a really foul mood Friday evening and Saturday day - and not only due to Robin Hood. [ profile] mr_cook did a fine evening meal (I notice a food trend in this post already) but I was really not feeling sociable and was jolly tired which led to sensible people staying well out of my way. An evening in with a book rather than at Kryogenix, followed by sleep did a great deal for me.

The other notable event on Sunday was my demonstration to [ profile] quondam of the importance of knowing how to use a bicycle pump before setting out on a ride. We'd done around 9 miles or so of an eventual nearly-12 when I noticed my rear tyre was looking a little flat. I stopped, checked it, realised it was probably looking compressed because of my lardy nature but, at her suggestion, borrowed her pump to just top it up to see if there was any noticeable difference.

"Do you know how to use this?" says I

"Nope." says she

"How hard can it be?" I ask myself...

Needless to say within a few short seconds I had completely deflated the tyre and was now standing at the meeting of Edgbaston/Smethwick/Winson Green in the dark with only one tyre. What seemed like an hour later of trying to reinflate the bloody thing [ profile] quondam set off home to get a car; a cycle rack and an old fashioned pump that I knew how to operate.

It was plain sailing from then, but I'm not totally sure about cycling-shorts-with-built-in-sanitary-protection for your average man on a bike.

Bed now. More exciting updates soon, but not tomorrow probably as I have a "public facing" day manning a conference strand which is bound to get my blood boiling.
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Although I can't remember it very well, one of the courses I enjoyed most in my degree was combinatorial optimisation - which, IIRC, involved using matrices to determine the shortest routes between places based on weightings and so on. It's been a while since this was relevant to my life - and indeed it wasn't really relevant to my weekend just gone - but I wanted to mention it anyway so I appear smarter.

Actually what I did at the weekend was go to the Forest of Dean for a TrailPlus Adventure Camp. This rather thinly disguised attempt by Salomon to sell their end of season stock[1] to those idiots who are interested in exploring the idea of racing on foot, bike, canoe and abseil rope (plus lots of other equally stupid methods) in matching sportswear.

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It's lunchtime so perhaps I should consider updating LJ. After all it's been a relatively valuable morning that should have saved my employers between £500,000 and £1,000,000. Which is a good days work.

Anyway, last weekend started with a whimper when no-one in the house could be bothered to leave it for any of the choice of nights out; followed by a most excellent 33 1/3 party chez [ profile] quondam and then a Sunday of spending too much money on things that will probably be illegal within the next couple of years; then too much cheese; a Monday at home and then the worst, most distracted game of badminton I've ever played.

This week I've done nothing except Infest photos, reading ski pr0n, paying too much money for bike servicing, too much money at MNS and been to London for an exceptionally predictable meeting. This weekend I'm going to spend running, cycling and kayaking (at least that's what I think) which is made amusing by the fact I just pulled something in my back putting the bikes on the back of the car.

However, I'm hoping this weekend helps kickstart the post-Infest diet, or at least will help against the terrible temptations presented by all the left-over food from the party. Mmmm chocolate etc. Next week I also start the artw*nk course I talked about some time ago. This is terribly exciting if for no other reason that I'll get a chance to improve my vocabulary.

This doesn't have the focus I'd hope for; or the rants; or the dreams. Could do better I suppose.

Oh, one final point - I watched Free Enterprise last night which was jolly amusing and not-at-all because I could recognise myself or any of my friends in the characters. That would be terrible and oh so predictable.
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Trains annoy me. I try very hard to use them as I'd rather spend an hour on a train and then cycle for ten minutes rather than drive 50 miles to my nominal "office" in Shrewsbury, but it annoys me a lot when I arrive at New Street to see a sign saying "Cancelled. Will start at Wolverhampton".

In what world is that any use? I'm clearly not in Wolverhampton; the train I wanted to get was the next train for Wolverhampton. Cue a delay of nearly an hour for the next one.

On the way back my mood had been improved by an energetic cycle ride, so I was hardly phased when the woman sitting opposite me spent most of the journey in the toilet. The guard did nearly evacuate the train though as she'd left her bag at the table while in the loo for an extended period. "Oh, I was on the phone" she said on her return. Thank you, but that's TMI and not a vision I wanted.

Of course I'd followed the advice given to our government and profiled her informally. Had the owner of the bag been a nervous, sweaty, single Muslim (or Brazilian electrician) I'd have reported it myself - but I didn't think there was much propensity for suicide bombing amongst middle-aged, overweight white women with too much fake tan who had been planning their visit to Slimming World moments before.

I know I shouldn't generalise, but...


Aug. 1st, 2006 09:20 am
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Parts of last weekend were like going back in time - going back home always makes me feel about 16-17 rather than my slightly more advanced years and cycling past places where I learned a lot about people and LRP is bound to bring back memories.

However, what really happened went something like this...

To avoid the weekend rush I headed south on Thursday with two bicylces attached to the back of my car (as the train was both more expensive than a tank of petrol - though it's close! - and there was no way I could handle two bikes) with the rack borrowed from the [ profile] boglin/[ profile] lupercal collective. Things went well. I teased my speed a little as I didn't want to lose bicycle or sanity with an accident on the M40 or A34 to limited success - I had to stop twice to reattach bicycles. I can assure you that this isn't fun on a main road. Just trust me.

Eventually I got to Southampton where I deposited one bicycle, put up with the third degree about my personal life/weekend plans from my mother (one day I'll tell her then she'll wish she never asked) and headed to Winchester to appear rather sweaty and bedraggled on [ profile] kantti's doorstep. Fortunately there was nothing wrong with me that wirewool and a small clothes bonfire couldn't fix, so soon all was well in the world.

Delightful food, delightful company and some work later and it was Saturday.A vague plan to cycle from Winchester to Salisbury and back had been shelved as "too long" so Stockbridge (10-15 miles) was considered a more realistic target. So off we set. Into what the BBC described as "Sun". And it was sun. For the first 5 miles. Then it started spitting. Then raining. Then before you can say "What colour is that car coming around the bend?" she was in a pile on the floor after an emergency-stop-gone-wrong and I was failing to salvage my dignity by also falling off though not as bloodily or spectacularly.

After discovering that small villages don't have pubs, let alone those that sell Hot Chocolate we carried on to Stockbridge. This included the aptly named "Cattle Drovers Hill" which was not pleasant, so by the time we reached Stockbridge we descended (sweat and blood included) on the first pub and had a sit down. Some more cycling, some more hills, some lunch, some tractors and some ice-cream later and we were back. And exhausted.

Obviously the thing to do in these circumstances is to go to Basingstoke, so it was off to Dr Fells to moan about how NIN are crap now and delight in some Skinny Puppy. Nice night, though leaving my car in the local young-person's-recreation-centre did leave me a bit on edge.

Sunday we did some museums - the Great Hall I last visited in 1986 for the Domesday Book exhibition; Westgate and City Museums. The City Museum had some wonderful relief models of how Winchester developed in its early days which I'm always a sucker for; then there was some relaxing, dinner and all too soon it was Monday morning. Worse than that it was a Monday morning when I had to go to Wolverhampton in the rain.

Anyway - must get on with the day now, recover from badminton last night, think a little about Ministry tomorrow and the rest of the week; and pack my ThinkPad off to IBM again. I love it I really do - I just keep breaking it...

For those who are interested our (large) route map is here, and the elevation map (rather exaggerated) is here. 32 miles (give or take) with about 620m worth of climb. It seems so much more on bicycle.

Finally, in the spirit of planning, I'm going to do c2c (140 miles) or Castles and Coast (200 miles) this autumn - any takers?

I need a cycling icon too. This one will do on the basis I am wearing a cycling top but it's not quite the same.
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I'm shocked that over 100 of you actually looked at my Orkney pictures - I'm touched :-)

Other than that epic life has been a bit slow the last couple of days, partly due to the terrible heat and partly due to my rediscovered addiction to Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth. I completed the good missions some time ago but am now working through the evil ones. Excitement abounds.

I did also find some time to try and play badminton in the heat on Monday and borrow a cycle rack for the weekend yesterday. Tonight is about facing the squiddy menace and tomorrow I intend to play fast and loose.

I seem to have broken part of my ThinkPad, again. No doubt the IBM repair people will enjoy messing about with it again and hopefully not charge me for the pleasure (again). Still, I need it this weekend so it will have to wait a while.

Other than that, move along please, no LRP photos here.


Feb. 13th, 2006 12:46 pm
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There are times when using a car is preferable to using a bicycle.

This morning was one of those.

Car #1 - "Hang on" says Simon "This is leaning really far to the right. Something is wrong." Stop. Check tyres to see if there is a flat. Get back into car. Nasty grinding noise continues. Drive 50m up the road, turn around, drive home and stop.

I know - there's another car in the garage.

Car #2 - "Hmmm. I am turning the key and nothing is happening other than the lights blink on." Bother, the battery seems to be nearly completely flat. Bother again. (Or at least words to that effect).

Bicycle it is then...

...and phone the AA on return. I've given them much of my money over the past 8 years - so they'd better come through.

However, expensive car repairs are not what I need in ski season.


Feb. 4th, 2006 04:35 pm
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Just got back from seeing Munich at the cinema. It wasn't helped by the fact I'd cycled there rather in a rush and as a result spent much of the first act tasting my own bile and coughing - but enough of my problems. I was mainly in a rush as I couldn't find where I'd left my cycling shirts. Then I discovered I'd tidied them away... most unexpected.

I was expecting Schindler's Lift, but actually thought it was rather dreary, trying too hard to be worthy (another Oscar Stephen?) and really failed to set me on fire despite an excellent cast.

Yes, we know home is important, yes we know the Middle East is a bit fcuked up and yes we know many Israelis are paranoid - but enough already!

Mind you, the Dutch assassin was cute...

Stuff to do...

EDIT: I blame Mel Brooks, but there's something inherently amusing about watching Israeli commandoes attack dressed in drag.

24 hours...

Oct. 9th, 2005 12:10 pm
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Post-happy this weekend it seems.

In no-particular order, first here's some photos of Zombified last night. The lighting in the Windsor is very centre-focussed and biased towards stage-right. This makes getting anything without flash quite tough. I'm not terribly pleased with the results tbh - I won't try and take any more photos this weekend!

The bands themselves didn't float my boat - Kill Van Helsing were too rock'n'roll for my taste, Rhombus harkened back to the old Goth Rock of the late 80s (I've moved on even if they haven't) and while I really wanted to like Ausgang they completely failed to float my boat. Still, each to their own and it's nice to have and support a live music scene in Birmingham rather than just moan about not having one.

Nice to finally talk to [ profile] missymodee in person though.

Kill Van Helsing Ausgang Rhombus

I saw Serenity yesterday and while I don't demand the couple of hours of my life back, was not blown away. I think Joss is getting a bit lazy and while there were flashes of witty dialogue it didn't, as has been said elsewhere, have any heart to it at all.

Then, on the way back I decided to have a little cycle accident. To be precise I didn't intend to have an accident, but if I pretend it was deliberate I look like less of a fool? I was approaching a right hand turn, had clearance to move, so started to turn. Unfortunately a combination of wet roads and slicker tyres meant that my back wheel was too keen to turn and flipped out from underneath me - leaving me lying in the middle of a main road with a bicycle on top of me. Ooops.

I've ruined the saddle, bashed one knee, scraped the skin off the other shin and might have destroyed the front gear-set, but fortunately wasn't being tailgated as is so often the case - otherwise I'd be dead rather than worrying about the bike!

Must do some work now, then SNSNFNGS later for a couple of hours.
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Most of you will be relieved to see there's no pictures in this post. Rather I'm just getting some text out of my system before embarking on more adventures in photoland. I'll make decent use of cut tags so you don't have to actually read it...

Last weekend was of course Infest. You've seen the photos, possibly bought the t-shirt and, if you're [ profile] vin_petrol bemoaned the lack of corsetted lovelies in modern EBM. I had, as I've hinted in various places, a wonderful time. I took nearly 2000 photos, I danced a bit, I ate junk food, I got hyper on cheap chocolate and I wondered why people don't make sense of noize. I made a point of seeing every band, which rather bemused many some other people there, and meant I wasn't as sociable as I could have been so I clearly need to go back to working on the compromise of social crutch vs real interaction in the future. In general I enjoyed the noize more than the electro this year, which was a change as if I'd been forced to make a choice before the event it would have been the other way around.

Nice to see everyone I saw, but special mentions to [ profile] quondam, [ profile] kantti and [ profile] ant_girl (for Ian McEwan).

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In other news (I'll save more rants for later) I almost collided with a van on Friday. This was entirely due to the driver being a complete cock. Imagine the situation - you're driving along a road, there's a cyclist in front of you. You need to turn left. Do you:
  1. Slow down, let the cyclist pass the turning, costing you a good 10 seconds of delay.

  2. Accelerate past the cyclist, brake suddenly and turn across his path forcing him to brake suddenly and risk losing control on a main road.
Yep - you guessed it...

Oh, and now I know why there is a groove in the saddle on my bike.

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