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So, this is Christmas...

Hang on - I'm sure I've done at least one update since then. It probably wasn't very good mind.

The short story is that I went skiing, I came home, I went to London, I looked at photographs of miserable ginger girls with freckles, I went skiing again, I came home, I was made redundant.

The long story is a whole lot more rambling...

Skiing over Christmas was great. Much better than the whole family thing and was a mix of scratchy skiing, cheese and Kafka. I can't say a lot about the Kafka yet as I've not finished it* as this last holiday I instead had Sudoku.

Back in the UK I had a tough week at work and pretty much failed to answer any emails. Then it was off to London for the annual BETT show and (more importantly) visit to the Schweppes Photo Prize 2005 at the National Portrait Gallery. This was, as with previous years, dominated by pretty ropey pictures of people looking very miserable. However the company of Chiara WINOLJ and [ profile] ruana1 gave me an audience and a reason to vocalise my amusement.

Then it was off skiing again. Christmas was Saas Fee and this week was St Anton - my first time in Austria - which was pretty much like all the other German speaking countries I've been to, except there were fewer locals and most of the shops and bars were populated by Aussies and Brits. Skiing went Scratchy-Scratchy-Blizzard-Blizzard-Lovely-Lovely-Blizzard. By the end of the week I was shattered.

Highlight, at least in terms of physical "highs" was when, on a ski route, I literally took off after misreading the terrain - shot straight up in the air and landed on my back with my skis buried 2ft vertically in the snow - with the rest of me still attached. Yikes.

There will be a handful of photos soon - but I only used by phone so don't expect anything special.

On the flight back [ profile] quondam and I were discussing how if we were in LOST then the passengers would need to be a whole lot better looking to survive.

Yesterday I had my redundancy notice. This is both bad (in terms of losing my job if people don't agree that I'm worth employing after the end of March) and good (in that they'll give me nearly £3k and I'm ready to leave). I think I'd like to be made redundant - as long as one of the many other things I've got on the go sort themselves out soon.

Following this I had notification of a paper being accepted at TNC 2006. This shouldn't impress the many proto-distinguished academics on the list but should be fun if I actually get there***.

Finally today I've been enjoying Life on Mars and The Virgin Queen on Telewest - Teleport. It is strangely convinient and could definitely grow on me.

Now I have the urge to paint people and take photographs. Volunteers?

Working through emails slowly. If I owe you one, then expect it soon...

* Mind you, I'm told he didn't either
** Those other than us of course
*** If I have a job to give me the time/air-fare
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Oh, and just to prove that I can, kinda...Read more... )
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Number of times both skis lost in single incident and ending up on face with wrenched shoulder and leg: 1
Number of times slept awkwardly resulting in wrenched shoulder (the other one): 1
Number of times almost slipped over walking on ice in German Army boots: Countless
Number of times actually fallen over on the ice after aforementioned wrenching incidents: 1
Number of pairs of new boots purchased: 1
Number of DVDs watched: 2
Number of meals consisting entirely of cheese: Numerous
Number of irritating children told that if they are really vegetarian they can't eat most of their favourite sweets: 1

In otherwords, "Ow!".
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Number of times fallen over and lost ski: 1
Number of times crashed into by fellow skier: 1
Number of skiing partners with grotty colds and occasional grouches: 1
Number of LJ friends entries missed: Who cares!

Snow not bad, holiday fun. Had a fantastic Christmas Day dinner of ... Cheese Fondue.

Other than that typing feels strange - which can only be a good thing.

There might be another update before I get back, but if not - I hope you all had a lovely time and I'll try and catch up when I return, but in the meantime - bye from Switzerland!

Oh, and I forgot to bring the camera charger - so I'll not be taking that many pictures this time.

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