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Today's job involves searching through news feeds for interesting technology related stories. I couldn't resist a little diversion to read about Tank Paintball. Review at Impact Lab.

Back to the grindstone...
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Researchers at Google have been talking up work on linking search engines with audio information. This might, for example, involve your PC listening on a TV programme being watched, identifying it and then presenting tailored search results such as the IMDB entry of a film or the website of the star currently on screen.

Analysts aren't convinced this technology will result in a finished commercial product but the idea that a PC knows what point you are in a film and offering the car or even domestic appliance that features in that scene for sale is either incredibly interesting or quite scary depending on your viewpoint.


Jul. 10th, 2006 12:21 pm
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Actually, not - because that's a whole different post which might take some time.

Rather a request for help. As some of you may now I have the pleasure of writing a technical news circular for schools. Part of this is "news items" and part is "more in-depth pieces". I need some help with topics for the latter. The format is "about 1000-1500 words" in the areas of "Networking & Wireless", "Hardware", "Software & Internet" and "Multimedia". Previous topics have included Augmented Reality, IPv6, Digital Cameras, 802.11 standards and PC Form Factors.

I'm inviting a complete brain-dump of ideas from all you lovely people about "things you'd want to know more about" so I can sift through and not have to have any ideas myself. Sweeties for the winners!

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