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Simon ([personal profile] kneeshooter) wrote2010-06-21 09:19 am

Office space

On the ask again... anyone know of any organisation - ideally public sector and not too far from education/skills - who might have cheap office space for about 1/2 dozen people?

No? Thought not!

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Failing a compatible organisation, have you tried:

I used to work for / with one of the people behind the site / company, and it's a pretty awesome product, imho...

Good luck!

(P.S. If you are in London full-time(ish) we should have dinner at some point...)

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places like regus - hire out office space - no idea as to the costs involved

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Similarly these guys do officeyness.

My only link, however, is that I used to be involved with their webhosting, so can't sing praises about their office operation.

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Possibly, depends on what you mean by cheap. £/msq?. I too am in London. Let us lunch or meet.