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Just two more sets of photos to pimp, but in the meantime I'm going to take advantage of the fact that I'm not in work to do a bit of an update.

Firstly thanks to all for kind birthday messages. I feel very much of the age where a birthday becomes less of an event, so that people sent best wishes and came out last night to watch me fall asleep in my curry was appreciated. I get the impression from now until about 65 it's the wilderness years of increasing bitterness about lost youth and other opportunities.

The weekend itself was spent in a muddy field. Sometimes this is just shorthand for "LRP" but in this case it's true. Though "cold muddy field" would be more accurate. The advantage of modern/sci-fi LRP is that wearing layer upon layer of technical ski thermal is not only permissible, but advised. At least (with a nod to a Labyrinthe experience) the "cold moon" was represented by a "cold campsite" and very little imagination was required.

The game itself had a slow start for us, but Saturday picked up and there were lots of bits and pieces to play around with to keep us busy (or not). My fear of dancing kept me (literally) in the cold for brief periods but at least my reputation survived. Do spare a thought for poor [ profile] bacony though who had to drink two bottles of port on her own, then was literally rained out of bed by a hole in the tent. One new crew member recruited and if the MIA ever do return it's going to be very cosy onboard.

After the game were brief moments of "Oh, I recognise your shape - you normally wear a big pointy mask" and "You made me a cake - and I have only just realised". Unfortunately these were in the car on the way home so I must try and be more observant in the future to avoid appearing rude. Thankfully being in an observant mood by this point meant that I was able to survive the driving snow and rain.

Sheffield tonight is off, which saves me some driving - so more chance to attempt to absorb my OU course by staring at the covers. I must take some more photographs (concluded over curry) but at least it's nearly time for skiing. At which point I'll disappear from LJ again but suspect few of you will notice!!!

Oh yes, photos under the cut from (other) LRP.

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Nov. 9th, 2007 11:09 am
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I'm in London with work next Wednesday night and am considering going to see LotR the musical. Anyone fancy joining me?
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See - I'm back in the habit.

Yesterday I had an email from Country Music Television about this show where they'd like to use my pictures of Dee Snider.

Ooh, I thought - fame at last. Then they offer me $25 for "all rights". Even assuming that they mean "all rights relating to this use in the programme rather than "all rights on the images" this is pathetic. So, I say no. Bless her cotton socks the woman I'm talking to realises the offer is derisory but apparently that's what people will work for in Hollywood.

Fame will have to wait.


Nov. 6th, 2007 06:45 pm
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One minute I'm watching Heroes, the next - it's Watchmen.

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SITD, Corporation, Sheffield, 21st October 2007

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Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham, 17th October 2007

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Carnival of Souls, Derby, 14th October 2007

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Angelspit, Corporation, Sheffield, 7th October 2007

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Crash Repeat, Rooty Fruity, Birmingham, 5th October 2007

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Nine Inch Nails, Academy, Birmingham, 28th August 2007

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Le weekend

Oct. 29th, 2007 06:48 am
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Was mainly spent catching up. I've had a busy time and I've a busy time ahead of me. At least, with the exception of Infest and WGT (just small bodies of work then!) I'm up to date with photos and will be leaking them via LJ over the next week or so.

Beyond that, I think I'm back on LJ. Hello old friend. You've missed a lot. If not births and deaths there has been a marriage.

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Being away from LJ and indeed the internet, combined with the pressure of actually doing a real job for a change has a number of consequences. Today's is that my utter inability to respond promptly to the press paperwork means I might not get to Infest this year. Ooops.

So I join the ranks of the great unwashed waiting, rather hoping for either a football team and a half of cancellations or to somehow find a ticket.

Rude words have been said at myself :-/

Love/money/prints/kind words/sarcasm offered in exchange.
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Hello. Not much time for news, but some time for photos. Inspired by the competition I've pulled my finger out and at least done my Photos of Grendel from WGT 2007 and their gig at the Corporation in Sheffield in June.

My quest is to do my WGT photos before Infest, then my Infest photos before WGW and so on... Fast, I am not at the moment.

Anyway, enjoy...

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Back from Wales and now dry. Phone LCD is dead so email is better this week for me. I'll be swapping the SIM in and out of my work phone to stay in touch.

And if you were the person who texted/called me earlier today - sorry - can't access it.

Mountain biking is great fun. Even when attempting to ford a swollen river results in 2 metres of cycling and 20 metres of wading.
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One photo from each band* for now. Mostly very tired.
* Except no shots of Modulate at their request.

Grendel The Judas Coven Uberbyte
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I took over 4500 photos. Processing will take a while. Here is one of each of the 28 bands I shot. I also ssw Nvmph but didn't get the camera out for them as they were most of the way through their set.

Thumbnails behind the cut - alt text names the band.Click for larger, as usual, but no-one ever does.Photos )
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Friday should be "Go to Newbury" day. Instead it was "Sit at New Street" day. Total travel time should have been about 2:20 to my 9:45 meeting.

Instead of:

4:45 Get up; 5:30 Bus to New Street; 6:03 Train; 8:16 Newbury

It was:

4:45 Get up; 5:30 Bus to New Street; 6:03 Train Cancelled; 6:33 Train Cancelled; 7:03 Train delayed; 7:50 Give up on Train; 8:00 Bus home.

Bah. Pah. etc.
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Off to Germany tomorrow morning. Another reason I won't be posting, but just for a few days.

Then the onslaught of WGT pictures will dribble out slowly...
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Mostly I spent the weekend engaged in secret, long term planning and avoiding fresh air. However, on Friday I had an evening with Wayne Hussey. Oh, and Miles Hunt - though I only saw him in the bar as I missed his opening act.

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... it feels like a very long time since my last confession.

Today I have governors meetings so have the excuse of working from home. Actually I'm having to work pretty hard, but this is a moment of diversion. One of my new colleagues said to me the other day "You've fitted in very well. It feels like you've been here forever." - I think it was a compliment. Needless to say my performance review started with "You're doing very well" and then went on to "Like me, you might find you have to be more politic and less direct at times". I smiled, which was probably the best thing to do in the circumstances.

I'm not sure when I last updated, but since then work has been mostly fun and in my spare time I've been mostly exhausted. Of course I missed Whitby, but then I went skiing in Tignes IN MAY. A long weekend (out Thurs, back Monday, Ski 3.5 days) was just what I needed. We even had snow. There are some pictures here. For the first time I dragged an SLR up the mountains and despite falling on it a couple of times the results were good. I was with a guide off piste for a couple of days (though one was cut short with a hospitalisation) and actually felt my skiing was good enough to make it worth it.

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Other than that, weekends have been spent quietly contemplating taking over the world. But more of that in 2009/10.

Last night, because I can remember it, I'll talk about Ian McKellen. Everything [ profile] oxfordgirl said is true. He did seem to be very well endowed. Sylvester McCoy also looked alarmingly like a hobbit which added to the confusing buzz in my head. Oh, it was King Lear in Stratford if you weren't sure what I was on about.

This weekend is secret plans, next weekend is WGT. Hi-ho hi-ho it's off again to the Eurozone I go. Though I'm not sure I should after the travesty of the 2007 ill-fitting trouser competition in Helsinki. Go Moldova!!

Now, to work. Still love you all, etc. Even if I don't reply to your emails in a timely fashion and so on...


Apr. 27th, 2007 03:14 pm
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... am not at Whitby. Despite having a ticket in front of me, I've decided that I need "rest" more than I need "seaside". On the plus side there is a light at the end of the tunnel of early mornings and long commute.

I might even manage a proper update later.

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