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The AA clearly need some help with their databases - either that or they have too much money.

"Hello the AA, how can we help you?" (I've missed out the tedious AVR system)
"I've got a problem with both my cars"
"Ok, let me take the first one..."
"... and the second one."
"We have to do them as separate calls"

"Erm, ok. Whatever suits you. No need to send two patrols though."

"Oh no, there will just be one patrol."

A few minutes later, a text message telling me the patrol will be with me in 10 minutes (I like this!); then a minute or two later a phone call, telling me the patrol will be with in me in 10 minutes.

A patrol turns up. The nice man steps out, and gets to work on Seaweed. He's messing about with the battery when reinforcements arrive - another van - this one with two patrolmen in it.

The patrols look at each other, slightly amused, then have a car each to play with.

Can't complain eh - first time I've called them out since I joined in 1998 so I should hope for good service.

Oh, and the diagnosis: One completely dead battery & one sheared road spring. The latter is causing an imminent visit to car hospital.

Any mentions of cats should be ignored.


Feb. 13th, 2006 12:46 pm
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There are times when using a car is preferable to using a bicycle.

This morning was one of those.

Car #1 - "Hang on" says Simon "This is leaning really far to the right. Something is wrong." Stop. Check tyres to see if there is a flat. Get back into car. Nasty grinding noise continues. Drive 50m up the road, turn around, drive home and stop.

I know - there's another car in the garage.

Car #2 - "Hmmm. I am turning the key and nothing is happening other than the lights blink on." Bother, the battery seems to be nearly completely flat. Bother again. (Or at least words to that effect).

Bicycle it is then...

...and phone the AA on return. I've given them much of my money over the past 8 years - so they'd better come through.

However, expensive car repairs are not what I need in ski season.


Jan. 26th, 2006 04:49 pm
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I stopped on the M6, with a clear road in front of me and a queue of traffic behind.

Totally deliberately, as in order to retrieve a cone orphaned on the central reservation a Highways Agency Patrol (high-vis jackets and Subarus rather than tight trousers and Kawasakis) with a blinking "DON'T PASS" sign stopped the entire northbound carriageway. It slowed us down, then stopped. A young man got out, picked up the cone, threw it onto the (coned off) hard shoulder then got back in and drove off at speed with the sign now saying "THANK YOU".

It was faintly surreal.

In other news, I probably have a job and am now unlikely to be made redundant. This is slightly annoying.
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Actually at the moment I have time on my hands - as I watch the very slow progress bar of a 3.2GB upload to a work server. I can't go anywhere (as it keeps falling over) and can't do much else (as I'm someone else's office as my upload from home is only 256kbps - which would mean a long time for 3.2GB).

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I can't think of any more procrastination. I can't share any photos as they are on the other PC (but some are on Flickr for the truly bored) and the counter is only to 481MB. I might be here some time.

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