Aug. 31st, 2006 12:13 pm
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It's Thursday, so it's time for me to commit to memory what happened last weekend before I forget - or at least am imprisoned for possessing a collection of violent pr0n.

Last weekend was of course Infest 2006. This is certainly the highlight of my non-skiing year as it's a chance to hear some good tunes; meet some nice people and try my best to forget I'm in Bradford. Some of those who were there will have seen my taster pics on [livejournal.com profile] infest_uk, but I'll paste them beneath the cut. To start with [livejournal.com profile] nearly_everyone was present - and own personal definition of that now includes [livejournal.com profile] asw909 and [livejournal.com profile] crm who seem to be lovely people.

On Thursday I decided to subject my ears to a rather terrible mainstream noise with a visit to the Barfly to see Bedouin Soundclash, Beat Union and ZOX. It was a bit unimpressive to be honest, but got me out of the house and the car survived a visit to Digbeth without getting trashed. Anyway, thoughts and pictures are on the BBC site at http://www.bbc.co.uk/birmingham/content/articles/2006/08/25/bedouin_soundclash_feature.shtml.

Friday was panic packing, cooking for five and then utter amasement that we all got into [livejournal.com profile] mr_cook's car for the ride up to Bradford. Amusement followed at the "Bradford Tourist Attractions" sign, but soon enough we were in the welcoming bosom of the Hilton; then out again in search of douf-douf-douf. Friday was Schmoof (amusing enough, pretty enough but not especially engaging); Destroid (better, more interesting but still not groundshaking) and Lab 4 (held my attention a bit but I'd never claim they were my thing). Saturday seemed incredibly long, partly due to a lack of sleep on Friday night and after a slow wake experience I dropped my contribution to the Dark Arts stall at the venue; then had lunch; then a quick change - and some more bands: O.V.N.I. (bored me mostly); S.K.E.T. (really worked for me despite being dreadful to photograph); Reaper (almost total lack of stage presence but I liked the music); unter null (good but I preferred them recorded); Architect (didn't grab me but I'd be interested in hearing more) and Rotersand (slick, professional and enjoyable). Sunday was much better on the getting up and out front, but this actually meant lunch took longer rather than being more efficient in getting to the venue. Bands were Autoclav1.1 (who I liked, despite not expecting to); Frozen Plasma (too soft, too poppy, too dull); Stromkern (ohmygodtheyweregreat), Wai Pi Wai (impressive) and Front Line Assembly (good, but not great).

There was of course further entertainment in the form of lovely company and conversation; and I even sold some prints - £60 of the £280 Dark Arts total was mine which pleased me - even if I did ended up spending all of it on a couple of drinks, petrol, lunch on the M1 coming home and the charity tin. Oh well - easy come, easy go.

So, roll on next year - even if the lighting is normally a bit crap and I once again failed to take many people shots. I only hope the company will be as good next time. Next festival will be Whitby in October, but plans are already starting for WGT next year.

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Trains annoy me. I try very hard to use them as I'd rather spend an hour on a train and then cycle for ten minutes rather than drive 50 miles to my nominal "office" in Shrewsbury, but it annoys me a lot when I arrive at New Street to see a sign saying "Cancelled. Will start at Wolverhampton".

In what world is that any use? I'm clearly not in Wolverhampton; the train I wanted to get was the next train for Wolverhampton. Cue a delay of nearly an hour for the next one.

On the way back my mood had been improved by an energetic cycle ride, so I was hardly phased when the woman sitting opposite me spent most of the journey in the toilet. The guard did nearly evacuate the train though as she'd left her bag at the table while in the loo for an extended period. "Oh, I was on the phone" she said on her return. Thank you, but that's TMI and not a vision I wanted.

Of course I'd followed the advice given to our government and profiled her informally. Had the owner of the bag been a nervous, sweaty, single Muslim (or Brazilian electrician) I'd have reported it myself - but I didn't think there was much propensity for suicide bombing amongst middle-aged, overweight white women with too much fake tan who had been planning their visit to Slimming World moments before.

I know I shouldn't generalise, but...
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Yoinked from the Grauniad, something about paedophiles that doesn't suggest burning them


Proper WIDATW soon, for the three people who are interested.
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Top Police Officer makes sense, then the Home Office jump in and deny that politicians are vote-chasers. Or something like that anyway.
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On SomeOtherSpace I just got sent a circular about the James Bulger case. The basic theme of it is that the two murderers (let's not beat around the bush) should be locked up rather than given any chance of living a normal life.

Now, this is exactly the kind of issue that starts a good row - hence my posting it here. I think that they should be allowed to try and resume as normal a life as possible when released from custody, including anonymity if that is necessary, as long as they are properly monitoried by the authorities. Surely the best chance of avoiding reoffending is to help them make something of themselves, not for tabloid reporters to hound them?

Of course, one of my MySpace contacts clearly doesn't agree - so what do you think?
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The other day there I heard an interesting debate on Radio 4 about diversity training. One of the participants was suggesting the Diversity training industry was actually hiding rather than changing cultures in society - and that by "ticking boxes" organisations were being encouraged to "pay for experts to give talks" rather than actually addressing issues.

I thought this was quite interesting - though of course the question remains whether there is a better course of action...

I was reminded of this having caught a bit of fly on the wall of the Met Police this morning - the Missing Persons Unit catches up with one of their targets and opens the conversation with the heart-warming "Ere Mate - You Ain't Earing Strange Voices Or Nothin Are You?". Modern sympathetic policing...

Also, have a read of [livejournal.com profile] steve_c, who this morning has some depressingly true comments about modern politics.
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From http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4434136.stm

Male and female prisoners should be given free condoms as part of measures to
halt the spread of HIV and hepatitis in UK jails, two charities have said.

But the suggestion of free condoms for prisoners has been condemned by the right-wing Conservative Way Forward group.

Its spokesman Andre Walker told the BBC: "Most people who've been victims of crime don't expect prisoners to be going into jail and having sex and getting involved in relationships.

"I think it's entirely unacceptable and the encouragement of it is pretty wrong in the eyes of most right-thinking individuals."

So, what we should do is bury our heads in the sand, lock the doors and hope they all die of AIDS? Do these people have nothing better to do than enjoy making other people's lives miserable?

Putting aside the rights and wrongs of prison, surely turning a blind eye to this kind of thing is just stupid?
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Good on the Grauniad - they have the perfect picture for their "God Told Me To Do It!" story:

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