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No matter how much more I seem to be using Facebook these days, I still have a soft spot for LiveJournal. But, in lieu of actual content, here is a photograph of a cutie. And me.
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While the rest of the world seems to have rediscovered Maelstrom, the rats have made their opinion clear. The clever little buggers have eaten most of a Maelstrom t-shirt that I foolishly left drying near their cage. It's now rather more suitable for summer wear due to the number of holes in it.

[ profile] quondam will be amused no doubt.
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... not a fat lot, again.

Friday I had a headache after hacking some CSS. Saturday I went to the cinema, then to Kryogenix in Nottingham. Sunday I played squash for the first time in about 6 years (after the last time I played ended in a huge argument) and then lost most of the rest of the day except for the excitement of migrating from Outlook Express to Thunderbird.

Yesterday I played badminton without trying to hammer the shuttlecock off the sides of the gym; got agitated by recruitment agents with no sense of timing; and showed off my legs to the world in some rather skin-tight.

Today I've been working for the last hour or so to some effect, thankfully.

However, I have a problem - well a specific problem I want to talk about. This is called "getting-to-Gatwick-for-7:15am".

I know many of you are clever, lateral thinkers, so even though I never email any of you please help.

The challenge is to get two people, two bags, two rucksacks (containing shovel and probe just in case of avalanche enroute) and two pairs of skis from Birmingham to Gatwick for 7:15 on a Saturday morning. I've looked at coaches (very long and expensive) but think there must be a better way...

Answers on a postcard, free rat for the best suggestion.


Dec. 17th, 2005 10:19 am
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Oh the excitement!

Yesterday I spent about 45 minutes in the vet waiting to collect a small rat after her op. This is not normally noteworthy except for some of the other animals, sorry children, in the waiting room and the air of optimism that was in the surgery.

When I arrived it was like walking into a warzone as I had to fight my way to the counter past a horde of identikit brats. There were three or four, I can't quite remember but they were loud, obnoxious, had the kind of haircuts designed to mean minimum time in the barber and give the lice nowhere to hide. They clearly all wanted to be in the consulting room with their no doubt traumatised cat, but the vet was having none of it and was barking instructions to them to get out before she called the police (or something of that nature). This meant they had to amuse themselves in the waiting room. I held my head in my hands, covered my mouth and hoped they all caught something nasty off the other child in the waiting room who was coughing every couple of minutes and clearly couldn't be bothered to even pretend to put his hand over his mouth.

I blame the parents.

The other story is slightly more light hearted - Echo Rat has had two big lumps off, and when I was collecting her the vet suggested a little collar to stop her biting the stitches. "Why the hell not - let's try!" I thought in a moment of clear insanity. Then I waited. I heard commotion. I heard calls for "Staplers!" and then eventually get delivered a sheepish looking rat who is kicking this little collar around the bottom of her cage.

"We tried" said the nurse.

The worst thing? They billed me 58p for it.

In other news, congratulations to [ profile] barrettyman on his nuptuals (I forgot to mention the boys-LAN-gaming-smelly-stag-do a couple of weeks ago) and a final message to [ profile] pax_draconis after his NWO posts yesterday...

O Lord, ooh, You are so big…
Gosh, we're all really impressed down here, I can tell You.
Forgive us, O Lord, for this, our dreadful toadying and barefaced flattery.
But You're so strong and, well, just so… super.

I wonder if I should tag this as LRP or not?


Book for Odyssey slackers!


Dec. 16th, 2005 09:35 am
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Christmas - it's the time for giving... £175 to the camera shop for a new shutter.

Killed a rat yesterday, which wasn't a happy occasion - and another one just gone to the vet. Fingers crossed she'll be ok.

In the vets this morning was a poor terrirer. I say poor because he'd been kept off his food and was very whiny as a result. It's owner said "He's never seen a rat before". "He'd probably try and eat it" I said. "Oh no" she says "If it moves he won't go near it".

Must live in a state of perpetual fear then.

Some more pics today - Alabama 3 from ages and ages ago.

Alabama 3 Alabama 3
Alabama 3, Wolverhampton, October 2005
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Actually, I think they've all put themselves back after an initial enthusiasm for running over the boy-rat's cage attempting to have ratty-sex through the bars.

So, I'm going to attempt to the Dear Diary crap late at night when no-one is up to read it - on the basis I'll then feel less guilty about trying to say something of more substance.

Crap )

Now, I should drag myself away from 24 Hour Party People and go to bed. I hope I am more interesting in the morning.

In the meantime, here's some pictures of VNV Nation.

VNV Nation VNV Nation
VNV Nation VNV Nation
VNV Nation, Sheffield, November 2005

I seem to have failed to get to NMA tonight - oh well - had a lovely curry instead :-)
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Actually at the moment I have time on my hands - as I watch the very slow progress bar of a 3.2GB upload to a work server. I can't go anywhere (as it keeps falling over) and can't do much else (as I'm someone else's office as my upload from home is only 256kbps - which would mean a long time for 3.2GB).

Read more... )

I can't think of any more procrastination. I can't share any photos as they are on the other PC (but some are on Flickr for the truly bored) and the counter is only to 481MB. I might be here some time.


Oct. 1st, 2005 07:56 pm
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Saturday Night is a strange time to be doing the whole WiDATW thing, but as I'm really behind on the whole thing I feel I should take the chance to catch up when I can. Plus I have just gotten up, so while I'm flush with energy...


Now I can get on with the photo-spam.

Oh, and passes have been obtained for Queen Adreena and Killing Joke. This is a good thing. I shall probably get [ profile] lupercal a Queen Adreena t-shirt or similar memorabilia to help clutter up his hospital bed.

Finally a pox on death-of-rats. Two in one week is not a good score for the home team.
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Lovely weekend. More soon. Meanwhile in lieu of proper content - some more rats, mostly with cold, dead eyes Read more... )
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Firstly I decamped to Wolverhampton to see Half Man Half Biscuit. Frankly I was left a bit cold. I remember being passed a poor quality tape of this quite fun little indie rock band in about 1992 and being quite amused. 13 years later I get around to seeing them, and to cut a long story short, while I've moved on in my tastes - they're doing the same old thing. For many people in the audience it was like seeing their favourite pub band, but for me it was a waste of my evening.

I could dwell some more about why, given that line of thinking, I still listen to NMA, but I can't be bothered.

Anyway, I came home, watched rats kiss and squeak at each other through the bars and took some photos of them. Here's one - I like the result. Click for the big version as usual.

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