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Hmm, I have still failed to write up Christmas. That must go on the list of things to do today along with update the non-music section of my website as I've failed to do that since last April. Ooops. Still, I seem to be running out of work to do...

Anyway, here are some photographs from:
  • Resonance Live on Sunday in Leeds (just one of each for now
  • Full Set from New Model Army at the Astoria
  • Full Sets of the live photos from Batfink in December
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May. 10th, 2006 07:18 am
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Sometime ago, somewhere on the Web, I found a great little site that listed what films had been sampled by what music. It was something like / but more complete.

Can anyone help?

In other news, I took too many photos at Dresden Dolls last night and one of the front row put her hat on my head. I hope she didn't have nits.
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Yesterday my website had over 1.5GB of hits. For some reason this makes me strangely happy.

Now, for tea.


Jul. 4th, 2005 10:51 am
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There are two ways of describing a lazy weekend - one is "relaxing" and the other is "wasted".

When it comes down to it the truth is I didn't do a lot (except watch some films and spend the usual Friday night in a certain club in Birmingham), spectacularly failing to do anything other than "think about what I needed to do on my OU" and fiddle with my website (story of my life at the moment). I would say I'm determined to have more fun next weekend, but I'll be spending it under canvas so it'll have to be exceptional for that to be the case.

I guess I'm feeling a bit "Meh" but hopefully the dark cloud will move on and I'll be more energised in a short while.

Oh, and I also discovered how thin the walls are at Chez-[ profile] quondam especially when it comes to creaking noises from futons ;-)
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  • The website redesign is almost complete. now has most of a new look, and much smaller "highlight" pages and archives - rather than hundreds of images all fighting for your attention. There's still some work, but comments appreciated on how well it does or doesn't work.

  • I've created an RSS feed from my flickr account which will be pulling highlights from my archives - [ profile] simonflickr.

  • For a while now I've been running a photo-LJ repeating key parts of this journal, and a bit more - see [ profile] disturbingorguk.

  • The friends list for this journal is mainly other LJ photo communities and such like. Much of it is not work safe (one of the reasons I keep it separate) - one or two of you might want to bookmark it at

  • Finally, todays other RSS feed discovery was's daily feed from their photography instructors - see [ profile] bpinstructors - daily thoughts/opinions on photography.
There - don't say I don't do anything for you ;-)
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Firstly thanks to those who made some input to this morning's post. I'm going to take an amount of it on board and probably come back with more stuff later on.

Secondly, any of you who are passionate about alternative and underground music can do worse than look here and consider signing up. You're pretty much all opinionated people who can write - so no excuses.

Finally, I'd like to thank the college hosting today's seminar. The sandwiches may be limp and pathetic, but the desserts and the WLAN are great.

Today I also had first proper use of the little computer/odometer/speedometer I fitted to my bicycle. Apparently I go ~quite fast~ which is nice to know - I even managed to speed in a 20mph limit earlier and refuse to feel guilty. Expect constant, tedious updates about my cycle-related exploits - a bit of tech goes a long way in encouraging enthusiasm, and I feel even practical after managing to untangle the chain that had managed to wrap itself twice around the pedal without resorting to expert help. I just hope the wheel doesn't fall off at an inconvinient moment.

Tonight I'm off to see Alabama 3 in Nottingham. I feel slightly guilty about this as I managed to get a pass so I could go with [ profile] holaholaamigos and [ profile] toxicpixie, only in sync with me getting an email "You have a pass", Nathan was discovering "No tickets left". So, instead of nice-comfy-limo I will be throwing my bike on a train to Nottingham and either getting back tonight (last train 22:23) or kipping at Chez [ profile] berrega and coming back tomorrow.

This whole bike/train thing is quite good mind - I had no trouble this morning bringing it to Malvern. Which I can describe as "small" and "near a hill".
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As part of an incremental development process and with the help of expert professionals (well, [ profile] kingandy and [ profile] berrega) I've been redesigning my website to make it less pretentious and in general a bit "leaner".

I thought it sensible to pause now and ask for some opinions/comments especially on screensizes and browser compatibility. I've listed points as questions, but I'm not going to do a poll rather encourage free-text answers.
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More like moving websites. Yesterday was partly spent geeking on da Interweb - I'm trying to cut down from three web-hosts to one, and that of course means chucking hundreds of MB of pictures up and down the line, recoding from ASP to PHP and other acronym-fests.

The net result should be a tidier, slicker site - but I'm still a little bit away from that. Oh well - something for the next couple of days.

Last night was SNFNGS again. I volunteered as emergency-parachute-DJ again. I wasn't needed again. Although it might sound otherwise, this doesn't worry me at all - I can validate my existence by feeling useful without actually having to do anything. Result! As part of the Pre-Infest diet I went on the bike - and cycling along main roads is still fun!

I did manage another good deed there - I'm not quite sure what I said, but it seemed to make a difference. The only worry I have is that I was being quite serious and sober again. I am considering practising vacuous and trivial conversation in the mirror so I can better fit in.

I also drank most of the grapefruit juice in their fridge (better than the Edwards response of "What do you think we are - a f'ing wine bar?!") and this morning managed to make porridge without spraying the inside of the microwave with it for the first time ever.

Now, back to coding I guess, maybe a bit of OU later too...

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