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Just two more sets of photos to pimp, but in the meantime I'm going to take advantage of the fact that I'm not in work to do a bit of an update.

Firstly thanks to all for kind birthday messages. I feel very much of the age where a birthday becomes less of an event, so that people sent best wishes and came out last night to watch me fall asleep in my curry was appreciated. I get the impression from now until about 65 it's the wilderness years of increasing bitterness about lost youth and other opportunities.

The weekend itself was spent in a muddy field. Sometimes this is just shorthand for "LRP" but in this case it's true. Though "cold muddy field" would be more accurate. The advantage of modern/sci-fi LRP is that wearing layer upon layer of technical ski thermal is not only permissible, but advised. At least (with a nod to a Labyrinthe experience) the "cold moon" was represented by a "cold campsite" and very little imagination was required.

The game itself had a slow start for us, but Saturday picked up and there were lots of bits and pieces to play around with to keep us busy (or not). My fear of dancing kept me (literally) in the cold for brief periods but at least my reputation survived. Do spare a thought for poor [ profile] bacony though who had to drink two bottles of port on her own, then was literally rained out of bed by a hole in the tent. One new crew member recruited and if the MIA ever do return it's going to be very cosy onboard.

After the game were brief moments of "Oh, I recognise your shape - you normally wear a big pointy mask" and "You made me a cake - and I have only just realised". Unfortunately these were in the car on the way home so I must try and be more observant in the future to avoid appearing rude. Thankfully being in an observant mood by this point meant that I was able to survive the driving snow and rain.

Sheffield tonight is off, which saves me some driving - so more chance to attempt to absorb my OU course by staring at the covers. I must take some more photographs (concluded over curry) but at least it's nearly time for skiing. At which point I'll disappear from LJ again but suspect few of you will notice!!!

Oh yes, photos under the cut from (other) LRP.

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Cripes DM!

Oct. 7th, 2005 10:34 am
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My four avid readers might recall a couple of weeks ago I was writing and subsequently cutting the end-of-course OU assignment. Initially I thought it went ok, then each time I had cause to look at it I found more errors and mistakes, I thought it wasn't long enough, it didn't make sense, I'd left too much out and so on...

Every time I referenced the marking criteria my expectations dwindled. It was all getting a bit crap in my head.

This wasn't totally a surprise to me, as I wrote it in a rush having applied Japanese Manufacturing Principles and was writing on the train, late at night and while I should be listening to talks in a conference.

Today I got the results - I'd braced myself for a roughly 50% and wasn't overly stressed by this as I only need 40% (thanks to the other marks I had in the past). I almost left the email closed - if I can't read it, it can't hurt me...

Finally, here is the group's results.
Min 47
Max 76
Average 62
2 Merits, 2 Clear Passes, 2 Bare Passes AND NO FAILS (great).

And me? Yep - 76 :-) :-)

I have a Crunchie here - I might just eat it in a bit to celebrate!


Oct. 1st, 2005 07:56 pm
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Saturday Night is a strange time to be doing the whole WiDATW thing, but as I'm really behind on the whole thing I feel I should take the chance to catch up when I can. Plus I have just gotten up, so while I'm flush with energy...


Now I can get on with the photo-spam.

Oh, and passes have been obtained for Queen Adreena and Killing Joke. This is a good thing. I shall probably get [ profile] lupercal a Queen Adreena t-shirt or similar memorabilia to help clutter up his hospital bed.

Finally a pox on death-of-rats. Two in one week is not a good score for the home team.
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First draft finally finished. Approximately 12 hours left. 2000 words (out of the current 8000) need to be cut.

Maybe I should have planned better. Although, of the 5 of these annual conferences I have been to, this has been the most productive. I won't worry too much that I've been productive on something other than the conference, at a back table, with my laptop.

At least I may have a 3.5 hour train journey later to tighten it up, though I suspect I need to print it then attack with a red biro rather than try and do it online.


Sep. 19th, 2005 08:54 am
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Now my backlog of photographs is under control I have a backlog of LJ entry. This is nearly as bad for my sanity, but probably better for you lot as it saves you reading it. Instead, a WIDATW

Friday )

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Much flash crime was committed.

Late Night )

Day of Rest )

Ave! )

I should stop now.

Oh, and I have a job interview, probably Wednesday, probably early. Good luck to at least one other person who has a (different) interview this week.


Jul. 4th, 2005 10:51 am
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There are two ways of describing a lazy weekend - one is "relaxing" and the other is "wasted".

When it comes down to it the truth is I didn't do a lot (except watch some films and spend the usual Friday night in a certain club in Birmingham), spectacularly failing to do anything other than "think about what I needed to do on my OU" and fiddle with my website (story of my life at the moment). I would say I'm determined to have more fun next weekend, but I'll be spending it under canvas so it'll have to be exceptional for that to be the case.

I guess I'm feeling a bit "Meh" but hopefully the dark cloud will move on and I'll be more energised in a short while.

Oh, and I also discovered how thin the walls are at Chez-[ profile] quondam especially when it comes to creaking noises from futons ;-)

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