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Steve Vai in Wolverhampton.

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Based on the experience of the last few days I conclude I work better early and late - rather than when Quincy is on. It's 9 o'clock and I've done a couple of solid hours work which makes me feel less guilty about having breakfast.

I kinda miss working in an office, with the structure and human contact. Perhaps that will change this year.

I really must write something interesting here, I do have ideas you know...

In the meantime, another set of pics (surprised eh!) and I have plans to ruin my nice, minimalist queue with a couple of clubs and a model shoot this weekend.

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Dec. 16th, 2005 09:35 am
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Christmas - it's the time for giving... £175 to the camera shop for a new shutter.

Killed a rat yesterday, which wasn't a happy occasion - and another one just gone to the vet. Fingers crossed she'll be ok.

In the vets this morning was a poor terrirer. I say poor because he'd been kept off his food and was very whiny as a result. It's owner said "He's never seen a rat before". "He'd probably try and eat it" I said. "Oh no" she says "If it moves he won't go near it".

Must live in a state of perpetual fear then.

Some more pics today - Alabama 3 from ages and ages ago.

Alabama 3 Alabama 3
Alabama 3, Wolverhampton, October 2005
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I filled two cards taking pictures of one man - it was amazing. The music was a little wibbly-woo-wah for my taste and each member of the band had a solo (bass solo anyone?). However, what made it special was this man - he know what he was doing, he knew how to work the photographers and there was a sense of mutual respect. Here's a quick sample of the pictures. More soon, eventually!

Steve Vai Steve Vai Steve Vai
Steve Vai Steve Vai Steve Vai
Click the thumbnail for a larger image, as usual!

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