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Hello. Not much time for news, but some time for photos. Inspired by the competition I've pulled my finger out and at least done my Photos of Grendel from WGT 2007 and their gig at the Corporation in Sheffield in June.

My quest is to do my WGT photos before Infest, then my Infest photos before WGW and so on... Fast, I am not at the moment.

Anyway, enjoy...

Grendel )
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Off to Germany tomorrow morning. Another reason I won't be posting, but just for a few days.

Then the onslaught of WGT pictures will dribble out slowly...
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Mostly I spent the weekend engaged in secret, long term planning and avoiding fresh air. However, on Friday I had an evening with Wayne Hussey. Oh, and Miles Hunt - though I only saw him in the bar as I missed his opening act.

Behiind the cut - Photos )
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... it feels like a very long time since my last confession.

Today I have governors meetings so have the excuse of working from home. Actually I'm having to work pretty hard, but this is a moment of diversion. One of my new colleagues said to me the other day "You've fitted in very well. It feels like you've been here forever." - I think it was a compliment. Needless to say my performance review started with "You're doing very well" and then went on to "Like me, you might find you have to be more politic and less direct at times". I smiled, which was probably the best thing to do in the circumstances.

I'm not sure when I last updated, but since then work has been mostly fun and in my spare time I've been mostly exhausted. Of course I missed Whitby, but then I went skiing in Tignes IN MAY. A long weekend (out Thurs, back Monday, Ski 3.5 days) was just what I needed. We even had snow. There are some pictures here. For the first time I dragged an SLR up the mountains and despite falling on it a couple of times the results were good. I was with a guide off piste for a couple of days (though one was cut short with a hospitalisation) and actually felt my skiing was good enough to make it worth it.

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Other than that, weekends have been spent quietly contemplating taking over the world. But more of that in 2009/10.

Last night, because I can remember it, I'll talk about Ian McKellen. Everything [ profile] oxfordgirl said is true. He did seem to be very well endowed. Sylvester McCoy also looked alarmingly like a hobbit which added to the confusing buzz in my head. Oh, it was King Lear in Stratford if you weren't sure what I was on about.

This weekend is secret plans, next weekend is WGT. Hi-ho hi-ho it's off again to the Eurozone I go. Though I'm not sure I should after the travesty of the 2007 ill-fitting trouser competition in Helsinki. Go Moldova!!

Now, to work. Still love you all, etc. Even if I don't reply to your emails in a timely fashion and so on...
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Friday night was The Levellers. Wow. It was like being 19 again. Although I've seen them doing a "seated acoustic gig" in the last couple of years I've not seen a full show since 1993 in Portsmouth - actually might have been the second gig I ever went to (first was Fat Bob on the Cure's Wish tour). Looking at the Lev's discography they've been releasing steadily since they got together, but the gig concentrated on the catchy tunes - there was a lot of Levellers and Levelling the Land. But they pulled it off without sounding like a "Shit, we've run out of money! Best tour again!" gig.

Which reminds me, I must sort out if I'm going to try and do NMA next Sunday in London (after doing Batfink on Saturday).

Saturday I managed a little cycle without falling off and eventually headed into town for not-Goth Shite. Despite a slow start I had a jolly good night - though after getting a little tipsy I feel I must apologise to a number of people... [ profile] nearly_everyone was out, there was a little dancing, a little bitching, a little conversation and some other things I don't quite know how to describe.

My alcohol tolerance must be at rock bottom though, I had ~at most~ two glasses of wine and a White Russian and felt like I'd had two or three times that. Oh well... maybe I'm getting old.

Sunday I managed to rouse myself and get into Birmingham for the local Flickrmeet. It was alas a little bit of a washout - but five of us headed to BMAG for a wander around. There was some excellent modern Islamic art by Mohsen Keiany (website is but does not do the work justice), an impressive bronze Lucifer and I caught myself actually liking some of the Pre-Raphaelite draft sketches. Most surprising - I suspect it's partly the influence of artw*nk and my newfound appreciation for the narrative of creating art. The etchings room wasn't as good as it was last time though, so I lasted about an hour before heading off to Tescos. I declined to shoot after reading the photography agreement. Draconian is an understatement so I have sent some emails offering to help rewrite already!

Torchwood yesterday was ok - a slow burn like Galactica last week. This week's BSG was not so good - a bit SFX heavy I felt; but [ profile] mr_cook (damn him!) has gotten me addicted to Heroes.

Some pictures of Rotersand and The Levellers to come...

I'm also still not sleeping very well. Too many dreams.
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The week before (I think) the club went up in smoke...

Enjoyment ratings, in order of photos.
  • Much better than I remember. Quite fun. Oh god, I'm turning into a goth.
  • Not really my thing.
  • Good solid show.
  • My ears! My ears!
Photos )
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In addition to throwing the baby out with the bathwater (that is by choosing the bin rather than eBay for some of the "rubbish" I have been hoarding through my early years) I also managed to spend a day at the weekend listening to a variety of goth bands at Symphony in Black in Southampton

Photos & Musings )
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WGT 2006 - Full Sets
In my defence I am automating more and more of this each time. Now to WGW I guess...
Photo Sets )
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Not being a massive football fan I thought it would be a good idea to get my German trip for the year out of the way before the football fans - little did I know I'd bump into 20,000 goths instead...Read more... )

Thanks to [ profile] davefish for organising, [ profile] mrph for guiding services and [ profile] kantti for bag minding. Roll on next year!

Not looking forward to seeing my mobile phone bill though!

Right, better do some work now...

As ever, click thumbnails for larger versions.


Jun. 1st, 2006 07:35 am
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It seems I've not properly updated for a couple of weeks, so I should probably do that, claim I've not forgotten the Drabbles I owe people and play catch-up before I completely forget what has happened.

Since the last proper update, which seemed to invovle some stupid hobby that involves running across hills in the rain, I have, for the most part, been busy at work. This is in itself reasonably enjoyable - as while my lack of work is often a bit of a joke - in practice I have times of "not busy" and times of "insanely busy". In an ideal world everything would be much more consistent and relaxed, but the world we live in is not ideal.

I'd planned to do an update before last weekend before going to [ profile] dark_city_edinb, but completely failed - other than to whore some gig photos - but then that's kinda what this journal seems to be about. I do have more coherent thoughts - I just can't ever remember them the morning after.

Dark City, 3 nights of clubbing and bands in Edinburgh was great fun. Quite small scale but good natured, friendly and had some stonking bands. My favourite has to be Soman - even though paradoxically they were one of the worst to photograph. Other highlihgts were XPQ-21 and of course Combichrist. There were these couple of goths who seemed to be at the wrong festival but they were engaging enough. Though probably not enough that they can be forgiven the photoshop crimes on their website.

So I went, I took photos, I spoke to at least one new person (albeit briefly) and even danced. What more can anyone ask for?

This week so far has been panic to try and do four days work in two days - as in a few hourse I'm off to Leipzig. I'm part excited and part terrified, but that's normal yes?
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Continuing to work through the backlog - my music queue is now thankfully empty. Filling in the gaps in date order we start today with Zombified, hosted by the Brain Dead Collective on 8th October last year at The Windsor in Birmingham.

Photos )

All the backlog of photos is now visible on
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One of each band

hanging doll KIK Neon Zoo

Saturday, Edwards Goth Weekend, 05/11/05
Click thumbs for larger
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Football is all very well as a game for rough girls, but is hardly suitable for delicate boys goths

Goth Football, Whitby October 2005
Click thumbnail for larger image
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Today was the last part of my OU course - an exam. This isn't itself scary - after all I have crammed extensively and don't even suffer from flashbacks at going back to the-place-where-I-had-my-finals - but by golly my hand hurts after three hours of writing with a pen. Actually, I'm not sure writing is a correct term for the barely legible scrawl which left the end of my biro. I think, at least for me, the days of being able to function in that kind of high pressure, written word, WITH PEN environment are over.

This morning before the exam my mind was jumping all over the place. When the new Depeche Mode album arrived (part of my monthly direct debit to Music Non Stop) I was reminded I've got a ticket for their Birmingham gig next year - followed by the realisation I had no idea where the ticket was. So first I emailled the NEC to say "have the tickets been sent out?". "Yes" they said. "Arse" I said (privately - my arse is mostly my own). So I thought, I'll have to turn the place upside down, and then put it for safe-keeping in my "box of safe-keeping" - this one here, by the PC, with the Depeche Mode ticket for next year in it...

Whitby approaches at a pace. I've nothing to wear - so it's the same old shit then. I do have to sort who I'm sharing a room with and how I'm getting there. It will also be a chance to catch up with people of course and I must get some technique tips from [ profile] littlelightbulb as it looks like I'll be impersonating her on [ profile] blankinfinity's guest list the following week at the DeathBoy gig at Edwards. Any initial pointers?

The other excitement from MNS has been Advanced Electronics, Vol 4 which has enough remixed dark-electro-futurefluff to keep me going for weeks. Highlight so far has to be the Soman remix (or should that be RMX?) of Chrome. I, unlike most VNV fans, like Chrome, but this version is a bit pacier and generally an improvement so expect to hear it the next time anyone is stupid enough to let me DJ anywhere.

NMA tomorrow night and in a change with recent tradition I'm not taking a camera - instead it'll be a spare t-shirt and perhaps a spare pair of glasses for when mine get knocked off and crushed in the mosh. The BBC has done me proud though and put up three gigs recently, with Goldie Lookin' Chain coming soon. Links below:

And now - I'm a bit drunk. This is exciting for me - but I appreciate might be of limited interest to the rest of you. Bed soon, perhaps with another page or two of The System of the World, which is about as much as I can take at one sitting.
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The game of catch-up continues.
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Sep. 19th, 2005 08:54 am
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Now my backlog of photographs is under control I have a backlog of LJ entry. This is nearly as bad for my sanity, but probably better for you lot as it saves you reading it. Instead, a WIDATW

Friday )

Who? )


Much flash crime was committed.

Late Night )

Day of Rest )

Ave! )

I should stop now.

Oh, and I have a job interview, probably Wednesday, probably early. Good luck to at least one other person who has a (different) interview this week.
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  • Click on the picture or the name to get to each band's page.

  • Click on the thumbnails on that page to see the larger image.

  • Be aware that some of HIV+ might not be considered totally work-safe.
Decoded Feedback
Punch Inc
Decoded FeedbackPunch IncHIV+
Final Selection
The Azoic
Final SelectionThe AzoicUnivaque
Tin Omen
Deviant UK
Tin OmenDeviant UKCrowd

Next I might even write up what I thought...

Index page for 2005 & 2004 pics
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This has, in some respects, been a long time coming. For various reasons I had a falling out with my PC, and was in such a navel-gazing self-indulgent mopey mood that the last thing I wanted to do was share it with the unwashed LJ masses.

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Oh, and the cause of my despair? Losing 150GB of photos in a hard drive mishap. This left me rather annoyed at the time. I've managed to get 99%+ of them back, and now have, shall we say, a better backup regime than I had before.

I now need to take more photos - sign up here!

Or at least I will after a weekend in a wet field dressed for the Mediterranean sunshine. Perhaps a slight miscalculation there.

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