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I'm positively fuming, as I suspected I might be. I'm listening to a presentation, actually - let's call it a scare story - from CEOP. The presenter is telling me, rather badly, that looking at pr0n will make me a paedophile.

I am not claiming that it's not a serious issue and that real harm is done to children around to world because of child pr0n, but I resent being piss-poor attempts to intimidate and scare me.

Now I shall attempt to say something sensible in the Q&A.

My starting list is:

"How much do you spend on education as compared to detection/prosecution?"
"Do you believe that the problem can be solved?"
"How much evidence is there of translation from online into the offline world?"

More suggestions welcome.
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“Round and round she goes… where she stops nobody knows!”
It's been quite an up and down week really. Distractions continue a-pace and doors keep opening and closing all over the place.

"May You Live in Interesting Times"
Some maybe-not-ancient maybe-not-Chinese maybe-not-curse comes to mind and if I don't trust myself, can I trust what anyone says to me?

"Be careful what you wish for"
Nothing is truer than that at the moment. Euphoria came and went, guards have come down, souls have been bared. Now all that remains is uncertainty.

Shit, I seem to have turned into a teenager who has swallowed a book of emo quotations.

In better news, marks to IBM for having returned my laptop clean and working after only a week. I feel all empowered and in love with technology again.
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I suspect that title would have been better as an optimistic subtitle for the last post.

The weekend was of course NWO. I had a great time. The writers are jolly fine and I appreciate the efforts of everyone else to NPC for me (as the centre of the world). I'm now going to muse on it and may sound ungrateful (for no other reason than the aura of sarcasm mentioned below) - that is not my intention.Enter at your own risk... )
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As dilligent readers will remember, yesterday I had an interview in Amsterdam. No news on the job yet, but as part of getting there for 10:00 CET I had to get a plane from Birmingham at 6:20 BST. This shouldn't be too bad - check in online, boarding at 5:45. I was pretty happy with getting up about 4:15, having a shower etc. and then getting out of the house at 5:00 to drive to the airport.

Only what really happened was that I pushed my alarm clock under the pillow when it went off and woke up again at 4:57.

Never have I gotten out of the house so quickly.

In the end I was in the terminal building by 5:30, which isn't bad considering...

And the interview? Seemed to go ok - and I am trying to suppress the "fear of change" that moving overseas would mean to my social life and hobbies.
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I feel sick.

On the plus side, holiday was great.

Two weeks of LiveJournal - no chance. Without wishing to particularly place myself at the centre of attention, feel free to make me feel better with a comment or email; espeically if you said something interesting I might have missed.


Feb. 8th, 2006 07:00 pm
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I was at a conference today on e-Saftey (the old term "Internet Safety" not being sexy enough) and the first main speaker was from the National Crime Squad. Superficially he made a lot of sense, anecdotes about armoured Land Rovers during his service with the RUC and talking about the internet as "any public space". But then he started going off as police officers sometimes seem to - trying to shock us and, I realised after, instill a real sense of fear.

Fear about paedophiles; fear about babysitters; fear that we had to help the police and fear that we're probably all criminals in one way or another.

It was all faintly distasteful. Another copper I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

Later it lightened up a bit later with the Juvenalian question "Quis custodes ipsos custodies?" which had been put up as "Quis custodiet ipod custodes?" - "Who's guarding the guard's ipod?".

I don't like fear. Instilling it is just rude.
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Lots of entries to read thats what.

I've kinda worked out whats at the source of my current problem - and that is fear. I seem now, when I didn't used to, to be getting scared of things. I'm finding this really worrying as I distinctly remember having a confident, if not blase attitude to everything.

Maybe I should set the cat on the keyboard and see if he can come up with any cathartic writing.

Either that or read a lot more Dune - I must not fear. Fear is the mindkiller. And fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will abate my fear. I will permit it to pass over me

I'm worried about me.

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