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Actually at the moment I have time on my hands - as I watch the very slow progress bar of a 3.2GB upload to a work server. I can't go anywhere (as it keeps falling over) and can't do much else (as I'm someone else's office as my upload from home is only 256kbps - which would mean a long time for 3.2GB).

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I can't think of any more procrastination. I can't share any photos as they are on the other PC (but some are on Flickr for the truly bored) and the counter is only to 481MB. I might be here some time.


Jun. 30th, 2005 08:14 am
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When the following day has a lot of rushing around in it I tend to find that I overcompensate and wake up extraordinarily early - confusing me and ensuring that I'm even less able to deal with the day.

This is, I suspect why I woke up at 6am this morning, rather than 6:30 when I intended, after having had a lucid dream about being stuck in a lecture, unable to escape.

So, there was only one thing for it - bounce up, bounce out (which I find very hard to do without a shower), and get to the gym. While I might crow about it on LJ I don't actually think there's any danger of me becoming a real gym bunny - and losing my current "slightly overindulged" figure - it's actually quite good fun, and energising. This morning musical assistance was Prodigy, Das Ich, New Model Army and Coil, though being fearful for my safety I unplugged for the cycle home.

Today I shall mostly be running from meeting to meeting, and this evening I'm considering a visit to [ profile] reverend2001's party - assuming I can scrape together a costume and sufficient volumes of "Avast Me Hearties".

Oh, and going back WIDATW - I can't remember if I mentioned what jolly fun the not-Aftershow Party was - nice to see [ profile] davefish, [ profile] keris and [ profile] toripink as well as the local crowd.
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This morning I bounced up, drove to the gym (ok - I know I should have cycled) and did the current-usual 35 min CV/some weights.

Getting up was ok.
Getting to the gym was ok.
Doing the workout was ok (if a little warm even at 7:15)
But torture? Having the "Red Hot Chilli Peppers Greatest Hits" playing...

I don't mind them, but it did prove to me that most of their songs sound the same.

Today I will be mostly waiting for two deliveriesy.

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